‘Doctor Who’, ‘Legends of Tomorrow’ Alum Arthur Darvill Would Love to Be on ‘Bob’s Burgers’

Having spent two lifetimes or more as a time traveler, former Doctor Who and Legends of Tomorrow [...]

Having spent two lifetimes or more as a time traveler, former Doctor Who and Legends of Tomorrow star Arthur Darvill is ready to settle down with a nice, animated family.

ComicBook.com attended Dallas Fan Days 2018, where Darvill was a guest. During his panel, Darvill spoke about his childhood love of cartoons.

"I was really into cartoons, like really into them," Darvill said. "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, I just loved them so much. And He-Man and ThunderCats…I can just name things and you'll cheer, it's great. I was so into that stuff. And The Simpsons when it first came out, and I like it still."

While on that track, Darvill called out Bob's Burgers as a current favorite and hinted not-so-subtly that he might be interested in lending his voice to FOX's animated sitcom.

"I think Bob's Burgers is the best show on TV," Darvill said. "It's amazing. I still love all of that stuff. I have yet to do a cartoon, but I'd love to do a voice on a cartoon if anyone's listening. I mean, Bob's Burgers is amazing. I'd love to do something like that. Kind of anything, really. I used to love Ren and Stimpy as well. I still go back and watch those now."

Darvill is known for playing Rory Williams on Doctor Who and Rip Hunter on DC's Legends of Tomorrow. After being a series regular for the first two seasons of Legends of Tomorrow, Darvill's role was lessened in the show's third season leading to Hunter's death in the season finale. Though he's no longer a part of the show, Darvill is happy to see it continue on strong without him.

"I mean, there's characters on Legends that I just think are amazing," Darvill said. "Like, the fact that they got Beebo in. I'm so sad that I never got to work with a big fluffy blue thing. I just think it's the most amazing, hilarious invention.

"Also, when we signed onto the show — I'm not a big fan of the first season, especially the first half, I thought 'Aw, this is just a bit too…' It was very much finding its way," Darvill said. "And it was a bit too serious. Especially for me, I was like 'Oh god, this is just so dull and serious.' So the second season for me was so much fun, and they gave me loads of really fun stuff to do. And I think it's gotten better and better as the show's gone along. And as they've found that they can actually write a comedy superhero program - still with heart and still with real characters and stuff. But I think they've really — the writing has really gotten very very good. So I'm really pleased that the show has really found its feet. And it's quite unique in that universe, and amongst [the larger superhero genre]. It's not the same comedy as Guardians of the Galaxy, or anything like that. It's got a real quirky, anything-can-happen quality to it. I love it."

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