'Doom Patrol' Recap With Spoilers: Jane Tries to Save the World in "Paw Patrol"

Last week on Doom Patrol, despite the team's best efforts the Apocalypse began thanks to the [...]

Last week on Doom Patrol, despite the team's best efforts the Apocalypse began thanks to the activation of the Decreator, a literal giant eye in the sky who undoes creation. Now that the end of the world is actively in progress this week, time is running out for anyone to save the day, but you know the team will give it some sort of shot. Read on for a recap of this week's episode of Doom Patrol, "Paw Patrol", and remember as always, there are spoilers galore along the way.

The episode starts all the way back in 1977 at a punk club called The Void where Jane -- presumably in her Hammerhead personality -- is having a great time kicking the butts of some jerks hassling her. That ends up getting her dragged back to a mental hospital where the orderlies abuse her pretty horrifically. In the present, people are coming out to gawk at this crazy eye thing in the sky including an older woman dragging an oxygen tank whilst wearing eye iconography. She looks up, lights a smoke, walks away while the news covers this latest freak event in Cloverton only for the news anchor to suddenly get burned out of existence.

At Doom Manor, Cyborg tries to get Kipling to tell them how to stop it, slowly realizing that he doesn't have the answers. Rita is distraught, having genuinely come to care for Elliot, the now-written-and-read-book. Elliot, by the way, isn't handling things well and Rita does her best to comfort him only for the kid to himself get blinked out of existence.

In Nurnheim, the Archons continue talking to Jane's core personality, Kay, before turning her back to Jane/Penny Farthing and the brain back into Robotman. When they leave the Archons, Robotman figures out that Nurnheim is in a snow globe. Elsewhere, Mr. Nobody is torturing The Chief and sees that the Decreator has been activated. Nobody stops torturing The Chief so that the pair can come up with a plan to stop the Decreator in a very unlikely pairing.

That plan? Build a religion with one of Jane's personalities at the head, literally reaching into Jane's past to set things up so they play out in the future. Nobody combs through flashbacks to the exact moment Nobody and The Chief need for the plan. In the mental institution in 1977, while being psychologically tortured, Jane flips personalities to one with icy blue eyes and a silver streak in her hair who turns the table on the doctor. Using the psychological techniques and very persuasive words, she nearly has the doctor kill himself. Nobody stops it -- and calls this Jane "Dr. Harrison" -- before using the narration to free her

Turns out, the plan is to have Dr. Harrison use her powers of persuasion to start a cult with belief in the Recreator -- a separate entity that can cancel out the Decreator. Dr. Harrison recruits a bunch of her fellow mental patients to this cult. When the Decreator appears, a chosen member of the cult will do something to remind Dr. Harrison who will then spring into action to awaken the Recreator via the Re-Written Book and, hopefully save the world.

It works. In the present the lady with the oxygen tank form the beginning makes her way to Nurnheim, triggers Dr. Harrison to appear who then in turn rings the bell and prompts the new book to be read and the Recreator to emerge. The new eye in the sky undoes the Decreator's actions before the two cancel each other out. The day is saved, but not without cost. The Chief has to return to Nobody, Vic gets gravely hurt trying to stop that, and the team is in every bit as much of shambles as it was before.

The episode closes in the 70s with how The Chief ends up with Jane/Dr. Harrison, saving her from a lobotomy. However, Nobody suggests something to Dr. Harrison. Back in the present, Jane is painting back at Doom Manor when all of a sudden, she asks out of nowhere "what the f**k is the Doom Patrol?"

Doom Patrol is now streaming on DC Universe with new episodes premiering every Friday.


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