Everything Wrong With 'Justice League' Is One of CinemaSins' Longest Videos Ever

DC fans had high hopes for Justice League when it hit theaters last year. The heroic team up [...]

DC fans had high hopes for Justice League when it hit theaters last year. The heroic team up movie, one many hoped would be the DC Extended Universe's answer to Marvel's Avengers franchise, was eagerly anticipated by fans.

Unfortunately, it didn't quite live up to expectations. That doesn't mean the film doesn't have its fans -- it absolutely does -- but it also has plenty of detractors as well who are plenty critical of Justice League and if the length CinemaSins' newly-released "Everything Wrong With Justice League in 24 Minutes or Less" video is any indication, the YouTube channel has found quite a few things wrong.

How many things? 149 to be exact, but what's really interesting here is that the video is one of CinemaSins' longest ever. The majority of their films come in at around the 15 minute mark. It's even longer than "Everything Wrong With Star Wars: The Last Jedi" by nearly a full four minutes.

As for what "sins" they pack into the video? There's a lot of criticism of the mechanics of how the film is shot, specifically the gratuitous slow motion shots as well as "upskirt" shooting angles for Wonder Woman, an angle they note is not used for any of the male characters in the film. They also have some complaints about issues within the film's story, particularly when it comes to the film's chronology as well as the purpose of the Russian family featured near the end of the movie.

One of the biggest issues CinemaSins takes with Justice League, however, is that the film doesn't really flesh out or introduce the characters that are "new" to viewers -- Aquaman, The Flash, and Cyborg. They refer to this lack of introduction as being akin to parents just dropping their kids off at the all, but they make a solid point that audiences are supposed to be invested in characters they know little about as they've not had movies of their own yet. While fans familiar with their comic book counter parts had at least an idea of who the characters were and Aquaman is getting his own film which opens this week, both The Flash and Cyborg remain mysteries for lack of a better term.

That's something that Cyborg actor Ray Fisher hopes will change, despite Justice League's lack of success. Fisher told ComicBook.com at the Hollywood premiere of Aquaman that he feels like the potential for a Cyborg film is limitless.

"One of the things is that we have so much technology, we as human beings are so dependent on technology, that the potential for Cyborg is almost limitless with what he could do," Fisher said. "We're talking about a guy who could, if he wanted to, could launch all the nukes with just a thought. He could stop all the cyber-terrorism in the world, if that was what his aim was because you don't have people running and knocking over banks the way they used to. You're not going and holding them up, you're getting on your keyboard and you're handling it that way. I think to be able to see that shift and have it be a real world, in time view of where we're at in technology would be the most effective thing we could do."

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Aquaman hits theaters on December 21, 2018.