Ezra Miller Comments on Henry Cavill's Superman and Ben Affleck's Batman Recasting Rumors

Ezra Miller's next appearance in the DC Extended Universe is slated to be a solo Flash movie, [...]

Ezra Miller's next appearance in the DC Extended Universe is slated to be a solo Flash movie, though the future of the shared universe is full of many mysteries. While fans are still waiting for any sort of official confirmation that stars like Ben Affleck and Henry Cavill will appear in any future films, Miller hopes fans will curb their speculation based on unofficial reports.

"When there are these leaks of information—or however people get stuff—it's pretty unreliable," Miller told Playboy when asked about these reports.

The outlet also noted that the actor responded "cagily" to the question about casting rumors, potentially revealing that the actor could have information about those reports being somewhat true or is merely frustrated that so much attention is being given to unverified reports.

Cavill starred in Man of Steel, the film that launched the DCEU and established the intended tone of the franchise. While the film was a financial success, its reviews were less than stellar, with many viewers not connecting with this darker interpretation of a character who is known for inspiring hope. That dour interpretation of the DC Universe was continued with Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, which was another box office blockbuster, despite earning worse reviews than Man of Steel.

With Dawn of Justice being Affleck's debut as Batman and the film receiving a disappointing reception, doubts began to emerge about his interest in continuing the role. Last year's Justice League continued the DCEU's streak of poor critical reception, with the film also disappointing financially.

Affleck had previously signed on to direct and star in the solo adventure The Batman, ultimately recusing himself as the filmmaker yet potentially still starring. Matt Reeves came on board to direct the film and has regularly described that the film would focus on the earlier days of the character, potentially allowing Affleck to skip the standalone film without having to officially quit.

Earlier this year, reports emerged that Affleck wasn't the only one hoping to leave the franchise behind, as Cavill was rumored to be making his exit. In addition to the rumors that the stars themselves wanted to exit the franchise, additional rumors have circulated that Warner Bros. hopes to distance themselves from the disappointing films in the franchise, which would include abandoning Superman and Batman focused films or rebooting the characters.

Miller's Flash film is reportedly heading into production in late 2019, which would potentially earn it a 2021 release date.

Stay tuned for details on the future of the DCEU.

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