Ezra Miller’s Barry Allen Might Be The Best Part of Justice League

As soon as he was cast as Barry Allen/The Flash, fans questioned Ezra Miller's ability to meet expectations in Justice League. The young actor had never taken on such a bubbly role and he bares the burden of comparison to Grant Gustin's critically acclaimed and fan-beloved portrayal on CW's The Flash. Well, good news: Miller is nailing the role.

Over the weekend, Warner Brothers allowed ComicBook.com to not only watch Miller in action as he recorded a scene on set of 2017's Justice League, but also showed a full clip of Miller as Barry Allen that had been filmed in one of the previous 30 days of production.

Let's start with the live set: first of all, Ray Fisher (who plays Cyborg) and Miller have a fantastic rapport. The scene itself didn't involve much interaction between the two, but their chemistry between takes was a lot of fun to observe. Fisher stepped off set to talk to members of the press, showing nothing but charisma and enthusiasm, and was later joined by Miller who quickly cracked jokes while wearing his full Flash costume. He quickly regained focus, though, as he pulled Fisher away for a quick rehearsal before shooting.

On the set, Miller and Fisher danced around with one another between takes. Miller cracked jokes with Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot - she so embodies the character in person that it's difficult to differentiate them). He talked comfortably with Ben Affleck - which could easily be intimidating as a young actor. He singlehandedly energized the set – something Justice League certainly needs following the responses to Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice.

One would think seeing J.K. Simmons as Commissioner Gordon in his first day on set would have been the most exciting part of the day, but Miller steals the show when the cameras start rolling. As his Flash stands beside Batman and Wonder Woman during a conversation with Gordon, Cyborg appears behind them and Barry is quick to grab his heart as though he were feeling a heart attack from surprise. The extra effort doesn't go unnoticed. That's far from the best part, though.

Later, after Batman decides what the group will do next, Flash is the only hero left when Gordon turns around to see the disappearance. With each take he flawlessly delivers variations of, "Oh, so, they just disappear like that, huh? That's rude."

Not only does his line delivery come off as the most natural on the set but its the most enthusiastic and finally humorous. The criticisms of Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice clearly did not fall on deaf ears - they fell on Ezra Miller, who will carry the Justice League film toward the fun the DC movies need.

Before the day ended, Zack Snyder showed off an unfinished clip from the film. As Bruce Wayne realizes he has to round up metahumans in order to take on the film's threat, he goes on a recruiting mission that looks to start with Barry Allen. Barry walks into his apartment, in a scene very much like Peter Parker's introduction in Captain America: Civil War, and uses a circuit breaker to power up the living space and reveal several television screens and other excessive technologies. Also revealed: Bruce Wayne sitting in Barry's "second favorite chair." Following a few humorous remarks about why he isn't the young man featured in the convenience store video which served as his cameo in Batman v. Superman, Bruce throws a Batarang at Barry. Queue the slow-mo, Barry's realization of Batman's identity, and choice to join him because he "needs friends," and we have a whole new take on The Flash and one that fans should love.

While Batman has been the corner stone of DC entertainment for years now, The Flash has successfully taken their television programming to new heights and looks like he will do the same in the movies. Fans crying out for Grant Gustin to continue with the role in film can rest assured that Miller is handling the character with care and energy (not to mention, the suit looks great right down to the shoes).

The differences between the two actors aren't as stark as some expect. Both are high energy, both seem to be a lot of fun, and both are young actors who aren't well known for parts other than Barry. However, Miller's portrayal looks like it will be a touch wittier and quicker with one liners, almost serving as the DC universe's Tony Stark. It's no secret that the producers and studio are looking to inject the film with a more light-hearted and fun feeling, and it looks like they're doing so with Miller's youth and enthusiasm.