Far Sector #1 Review: The Green Lantern Story We've Been Waiting For

DC Comics' history is filled with cosmic tales of the Green Lanterns, but few if any have ever [...]

DC Comics' history is filled with cosmic tales of the Green Lanterns, but few if any have ever presented quite as compelling a concoction as Far Sector. Writer N.K. Jemisin makes her DC debut with the Young Animal series and it's a stellar one to be sure; she not only brings to life a whole new society and cast of oddball characters, but also delivers one of the coolest new heroes in years. Artist Jamal Campbell pulls double duty on pencils and colors and delivers a visual knockout throughout the issue, bringing to life a world unlike any other in both color and style. It all adds up to one hell of an introduction, and one you don't want to miss.

For those unfamiliar with the premise, Far Sector is Young Animal's take on Green Lantern, cosmic police who patrol and keep the peace throughout the galaxy. Each one is given a sector to defend and, in this case, Sojourner Mullein, also known as Jo, is assigned to protect City Enduring, a place where all feeling hs been stripped away from the people who live there, essentially eradicating crime. However, something has changed and it's up to Lantern Mullein to figure out what it is and who brought death to the city once more.

Sounds interesting, right? It is and a great deal of that is credit to Jemisin's sharp dialogue and witty narration, all provided from Lantern Mullein's point of view. The commentary on the city, the people she meets along the way, and the situation at hand are hilarious, sometimes in a purely comedic way or at others because of the sarcastic touch.

This is present quite a bit early in the issue as Lantern Mullein attempts to describe the forensic and investigation process to a police force that hasn't had to deal with a murder in 500 years. Moments like these are where Mullein shines, bringing her expert analysis along with a hefty dose of "you gotta be kidding me" to whatever arena she's in. There is a style and confidence to her actions and mannerisms that immediately makes her the coolest person in the room, a vibe that Campbell only heightens with his stunning artwork.

Campbell's art is superb throughout the issue, giving Mullein and the world she inhabits a sleek, modern touch. The colors are bold and bright, and there's an effortlessness and practicality to Mullein's use of the power ring. We don't get to see her use it in battle much here, but the comics' last hook promises that's coming. Despite that, what we do see is promising, though perhaps even more impressive is how much world-building Jemisin manages to fit into a single issue.

Jemisin not only defines what makes this world unique from a societal point of view, but builds a class structure, multiple races, and even a complex history of City Enduring that will likely hold even more richness as time goes on, and none of it ever feels as if you've been sucker-punched with exposition. You're always invested in the moment to moment interactions between the characters, and the larger aspects of the narrative are similarly grounded by the murder mystery at the center of it. Driving all of that forward is an unbelievably charming and magnetic tour de force of a Green Lantern.

Far Sector is a breath of fresh air and introduces fans to a Green Lantern and a world that feels full of mystery and style. You'll lose yourself in the gorgeous visuals, and when you're not awestruck you'll wonder how you ever lived without a Lantern as cool as Jo. Honestly, we're wondering that ourselves. Whether you're a longtime fan of Green Lantern or giving it a try for the first time, Far Sector will not disappoint, and it's the fresh and modern Green Lantern story we've all been waiting for.

Published by Young Animal, an imprint of DC Comics

On November 13, 2019

Written by N.K. Jemisin

Art by Jamal Campbell

Letters by Deron Bennett

Cover by Jamal Campbell