New Flash Character Easter Egg Found in 'Justice League'

As if Justice League didn't have a horde of clever connections to the universe of DC Comics, an [...]

As if Justice League didn't have a horde of clever connections to the universe of DC Comics, an eagle-eyed fan on Reddit has spotted one more.

In the final minutes of the film, Barry Allen (Ezra Miller) finally begins to get his life heading in the right direction. As sort of an origin to his comic character, Barry lands a job in Central City's forensics crime lab. To bring his story full circle, he takes his letter of acceptance to prison to show his father, Henry (Billy Crudup).

In a recent post, Reddit user MurdockAtLaw pointed out that the acceptance letter Barry holds in his hand was signed by a notable characters from the pages of DC Comics.

EASTER EGG: At the end of Justice League, Barry's crime lab acceptance paper is signed by Gregory Wolfe, the warden of Iron Heights prison. from DC_Cinematic

Gregory Wolfe, well-known as the long-time warden of Iron Heights Prison, signed off on Barry's acceptance into the crime lab.

Wolfe is famous for hating the inmates of the prison, and often treating them badly. One of which is Henry Allen, who was imprisoned for the murder of his wife, though we all know that it was the Reverse-Flash who travelled through time to kill Mrs. Allen.

It's possible that this Easter Egg could be teasing the appearance of Gregory Wolfe in the upcoming Flashpoint movie, considering that storyline revolves around Barry trying to go back in time and save his mother, altering the fabric of history.

After going through multiple directors, the Flashpoint movie has finally landed a set of filmmakers to take charge of the film. Last week, Warner Bros. tapped John Francis Daley and Jonathan Goldstein to helm the ambitious project. The duo is known for the critically-panned Vacation remake, which starred Ed Helms and Christina Applegate. Their next film, the Jason Bateman and Rachel McAdams-starring Game Night, is slated to release in February.

There is no telling when more news about Flashpoint could arrive, but Justice League will be available for digital purchase on February 13, with the physical Blu-ray version set to release on March 3.