The Flash Producer Barbara Muschietti Renews Hopes for Henry Cavill Superman Cameo

After years of director changes and delays, Ezra Miller's Flash character will finally be getting his own movie in 2022. The Flash will not only feature Miller's Barry Allen as its lead character, but the film will be bringing in not one, but two beloved Batman actors. Both Ben Affleck and Michael Keaton will be playing versions of Bruce Wayne in The Flash, and the idea of Flashpoint and the multiverse has left fans wondering if we could see other DC characters in the film, perhaps Henry Cavill's Superman. 

While it has seemed for quite a while that Cavill won't be returning to DC as Superman at any point, some social media interaction has given fans a new hope in a potential cameo. Barbara Muschietti, producer of The Flash, recently posted about her work on the movie on Instagram. One fan commented on the post and shared their wishes for a Cavill cameo and the comment was actually liked by Muschietti, making some think that there may be something regarding the Superman character that she's not allowed to talk about.

"Still at work, almost done," Muschietti wrote in the post. "Please check out our little [Flash Movie] surprise at DC FanDome this Saturday, October 16."

"Really excited for the film," reads the comment that Muschietti liked. "Still [pray] that we get a [Henry Cavill Superman] cameo!"

Of course, a producer liking a comment on Instagram has nothing to do with what may or may not happen in the film or the franchise. Cavill's situation with DC has nothing to do with Muschietti, or The Flash for that matter. Could something have worked out between the two sides? Absolutely. Is there a chance Cavill appears in The Flash in some sort of cameo? There's always a chance. But Muschietti's interaction with a fan online shouldn't be taken too seriously.

It would be one thing if Muschietti offered a hint or gave a cryptic response to the comment, but simply liking it probably doesn't mean much beyond "We all love Henry Cavill's Superman, right?!" 

All that to say, if there is a place for Cavill's Superman to make an appearance, it's in The Flash, as the film will utilize different timelines and universes to tell Barry's story. Sneaking a cameo into those types of tales is never too difficult to explain.

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