'The Flash' Recap With Spoilers: "Fury Rogue"

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(Photo: The CW, DC Entertainment)

"Fury Rogue" starts with Wells in his secret room asking Gideon to perform tests on him. It's revealed he's losing all of his intelligence due to the extra usage of his thinking cap.

Barry and Iris are speaking with their therapist over the passing of Ralph Dibny. Barry tells the therapist that he isn't really bothered by Ralph's death. He tries explaining that he doesn't let death bother him now and the therapist reminds him that he'll end up grieving eventually.

The DeVoes are talking about their plans in their dimensional pocket. Marlize tries to convince her husband to take some alone time but Clifford refuses to give up working on his plans.

Wells walks in Cisco's lab just as Cisco is about to put on his thinking cap. Wells stop him from doing so, but Cisco ultimately convinces him that they need to build a second thinking cap so that they can both use one.

Caitlin reveals to Iris that Killer Frost has yet to make a reappearance. An alert starts sounding and Team Flash sees that The Thinker is trying to go after Fallout.

Snart is on Earth-X. He's in a former Nazi compound when he's suddenly blown away by Siren-X. Barry and Cisco arrive just in time to save Snart from her powers and they escape.

When the trio gets back to STAR Labs, we see that Siren-X also made it through Cisco's breach.

Team Flash explains to Snart what they're going against. Barry reveals that ARGUS is going to be moving Fallout to a safehouse and they explain that they need Snart's cold gun to keep Fallout cool to make sure he doesn't overheat.

Wells and Cisco get their second thinking cap done and Cisco tries it out. Wells purposefully overloads the cap so that it shorts out and quits working. Cisco realizes that the parts the broke on the thinking cap will take weeks to fix.

Barry explains Team Flash's loss of Ralph to Snart. Snart takes on a serious tone and explains that if he wants to be a true leader, he needs to grieve the loss of his teammates.

Joe, Iris, and Caitlin walk in and tell Barry and Snart that ARGUS is ready to move Fallout. We find out that Siren-X overheard their conversation and is planning on following them to exploit Fallout's powers.

The group arrives at Fallout's location and start to get ready for transport. Barry gives a motivational talk, to which Snart reminds him to follow his own advice.

Caitlin and Snart are sitting in the back of the transport truck with Fallout when Caitlin finds a sticky note from Killer Frost. She explains the process she's gone through with her alter ego.

Barry phases into the truck to check up on them and as soon as he does, Iris notices that she notices pocket dimension activity. He exits the truck with Snart and they are quickly approached by DeVoe. Barry tries using the sonic tuning fork on DeVoe, but he's now immune to it with his newly-acquired powers from Dibny.

DeVoe's approaching Barry and Snart when they're blown away by Siren-X. DeVoe escapes but Siren-X uses zip ties to bind the hands of Joe, Caitlin, and Fallout. Barry and Snart make it back to STAR Labs and inform the rest of the group about the new Laurel.

Cisco goes back into his lab with the required part for the thinking cap. He got it from Gypsy. Cisco's trying to fix the thinking cap when Wells gets so upset that he breaks it in half. When Cisco asks why Wells takes him to his secret room and shows him the scans Gideon has taken, revealing he's literally losing his mind.

DeVoe returns to his lair and is upset that he lost the only nuclear metahuman they have access to. His wife tries to tell him that he can calculate nearly infinite possibilities, but he can't see how people feel.

Snart's talking to Barry about Dibny's death. Barry still refuses to properly grieve over the death.

Siren-X takes Joe, Iris, and Fallout to CCPD headquarters. Barry and Snart are alerted to Siren-X's presence at CCPD and the duo speeds there. Siren-X starts using her powers on Fallout, trying to get him warmed up to the point where he explodes, detonating over the the city.

After she knocks back Snart and Caitlin, who both have cold guns, Barry freezes thinking of Ralph. Snart gives Bary a pep talk who speeds up to knock out Siren-X so that she stops using her powers on Fallout. Snart and Caitlin get back up and use the cold guns to cool off Fallout.

The group doesn't see Barry anywhere until Joe's able to find him upstairs crying over Ralph's death.

Team Flash rendezvous back at STAR Labs, and we find out that ARGUS has relocated Fallout to a super secret safehouse that is virtually impossible to find. Cisco gifts Snart a device that'll let him breach between earths in case he wants to bring anyone back to their Earth.

Snart bids his farewells to everyone on Team Flash and breaches back on Earth-X.

Iris and Caitlin are talking about Caitlin's inability to switch over to Killer Frost. Caitlin admits she misses her counterpart. The two read some new tests Caitlin ran on herself and they find out that Killer Frost is still inside Caitlin, they just need to find out how to reactivate her.

Wells is packing his bags to go back to his Earth, but Cisco convinces him to stay so they can work on his intelligence. Cisco pushes Wells to tell the remainder of Team Flash about his condition.


Barry and Iris are back at their therapist and Barry finally opens up, revealing he feels responsible about what happened to Ralph.

We see that ARGUS has stored Fallout in a facility where they use virtual reality equipment to make it seem like he's elsewhere. We see that DeVoe has hacked the cameras within that facility and know Fallout's whereabouts.