'Gotham': Bruce and Selina's Relationship Will Undergo Major Changes in Season 5

Towards the end of Gotham's fourth season, Bruce Wayne and Selina Kyle's relationship finally [...]

Towards the end of Gotham's fourth season, Bruce Wayne and Selina Kyle's relationship finally seemed to take a step forward, as the young couple actually made their feelings known. Unfortunately, that touching moment was cut short by Jeremiah Valeska, who put a bullet into Selina's spine.

When the destruction of Gotham City began in the finale, Selina was sent away to get treatment, while Bruce stayed behind to help Jim Gordon regain control. Just as these two started to get close, the dangers of living in Gotham pulled them apart, and that's going to cause some major strain on them when the series returns next year.

This weekend at San Diego Comic-Con, ComicBook.com spoke to Gotham star David Mazouz about the upcoming fifth and final season of the series, and the young actor revealed that there are some big changes ahead for Bruce and Selina.

"I think that's the only thing that we've both been waiting on, really," Mazouz said of their reunion. "It's gonna be Batman and Catwoman, eventually. I don't know how much I'm allowed to say but, when we first see them again, it's gonna be a rocky road because obviously Selina is going to be pretty pissed at Bruce. Ultimately it was Jeremiah who wanted to get to bruce and that's why he shot Selina and that's what put her in this state. Eventually they're going to be back on the same side, but Selina is gonna be a different person. The way that she fights her way out of a hospital bed forces her to sacrifice some parts of herself and she's going to be more Catwoman-y, but less somebody that Bruce can be friends with."

Until that reunion actually occurs, Bruce will be fighting the massive wave of crime in the city, but he'll still have Selina's well-being on his mind.

"He's gonna be out there helping people," Mazouz told us. "At the beginning, he's going to be very concerned with Selina, because we know what happened with her. So that's going to be a big struggle, how to help her if there's any way he can help her. Eventually, he's going to realize that the GCPD, Jim Gordon has been so desperately trying to hold this light to Gotham, literally and metaphorically. To show the villains that there are good people, to show the good people that there are people to protect them. But eventually, as we all know, that's not gonna be enough, and Bruce is going to see that. He's going to look at people like Penguin, and look at people who are the roots of corruption and the roots of abuses of power and realize that only somebody like Batman can take them down. He's going to become what he needs to become."

You can watch the full interview with Mazouz in the video above.

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Gotham's fifth and final season on FOX is set to air in 2019.