'Gotham' Star Loved 'Justice League'

The star of DC Comics-based Fox series Gotham is pouring out his support for the recently released Justice League film.

David Mazouz, who portrays young Bruce Wayne on Gotham, took to Twitter to support the fully grown Batman and his super-friends after watching the new Warner Bros. and DC Films movie. "I just saw [Justice League] and LOVE LOVED LOVED it," Mazouz wrote. "I want moreeeee."

Check out the tweet below.

In addition to showing support for the film, Mazouz has an important questions. "Where was the green lantern - Alfred ("I knew you'd come") teaser from the trailer?" Mazouz asked.

The scene from the San Diego Comic-Con trailer for Justice League was ultimately cut from the theatrical release of the film. Many suspect the reason for its absence being the shake up in directorial choices with the film transitioning from a Zack Snyder-controlled flick to a Joss Whedon-helmed production. The scene is, in fact, one of many which were shot but didn't make the cut.


Mazouz's positive word of mouth is certainly the type of boost the film can use to help its disappointing run at the box office. As big a fan of the Justice League Mazouz is, it's no surprise he is excited to one day wear the Batman suit on television.

Justice League is now playing in theaters worldwide.