Erin Richards Directing 'Gotham's 100th Episode

The end of the road has finally arrived for the cast and crew of Gotham, as the prepare to film [...]

The end of the road has finally arrived for the cast and crew of Gotham, as the prepare to film the very last episode of the series. This final episode is a sentimental one for those involved, not only because it's the last one, but because two of the show's stars are bringing it to life behind the scenes.

It was previously revealed that Ben McKenzie, who plays Jim Gordon and has directed a handful of episodes, would be writing the last episode to go into production. As we learned on Tuesday, he's being joined by co-star Erin Richards (Barbara), as she will serve as the director for the same episode.

Richards posted the news on her Instagram, along with the reveal that the episode would be titled "The Trial of Jim Gordon."

"So it's official...I'm directing the 100th episode of Gotham," Richards wrote. "This show has been my life for the past five years. I've made best friends and incredible memories. It's such an honour to be closing us out with a truly beautiful script written by our (number) one and only Ben McKenzie. Thank you to all the fans that got us here."

While this is the final episode of Gotham that will be produced, it doesn't necessarily mean that it will act as the show's series finale. If you recall, FOX had initially ordered a 10-episode Season 5 of Gotham. Once the new installment was already in production, the network ordered an additional two episodes to bring the series total to 100. It's likely that the series final had already been written at that point, so these new episodes could be added into the lineup earlier in the season.

No matter when the episode ends up airing, it is awesome that the Gotham cast and crew will get to finish their tenure on set under the leadership of their closest friends.

Gotham's fifth and final season is set to premiere on Thursday, January 3, 2019 on FOX.