'Gotham' Puts the Spotlight on Batman in Final Chapter Tease

After five years on the air, and an impressive 100 episodes, Gotham is finally coming to an end this Thursday night. Although it is the last episode of the series, the upcoming finale will also be a first for Gotham, as it will fulfill the half-decade-long promise of bringing Batman back to the small screen. Last week's penultimate episode closed most of the show's ongoing storylines, setting up for a 10 year flash forward in the finale.

The last episode of the series will take place a decade in the future, depicting many of the beloved characters as their classic, comic book versions. Of course, that includes Bruce Wayne's transition into the infamous Dark Knight of Gotham City, Batman.

Much of the marketing for the series finale has been centered around the arrival of Batman. The first poster featured the iconic cowl looking out over the city, and the hero was seen in multiple quick shots throughout the episode's trailer. Now, Gotham is taking to social media with its Batman imagery to get everyone excited about the pending finale.

On Monday morning, the Gotham social channels revealed a moving poster of Batman, staring out over his city. It's the same shot of the Dark Knight from that first poster, but the setting around him has a pretty significant change.

As you can see, a spotlight is moving across the night sky in front of Batman, teasing the arrival of the Bat Signal. We've seen this spotlight utilized by Jim Gordon on Gotham more than once, but fans are certainly thinking that it will get the Batman logo applied before the finale's conclusion.

Are you excited to see how Gotham comes to an end? Do you think the show's Batman will live up to the hype? Let us know in the comments!

The series finale of Gotham airs on Thursday night at 8 pm ET on FOX.



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