Gotham Knights Recap With Spoilers: "Scene of the Crime"

Warning: This article contains major spoilers for this week's episode of The CW's Gotham Knights, "Scene of the Crime". Read beyond this point at your own risk.

The police show up to Wayne Manor and raid the Batcave, finding the Bat computer up and active, but no Stephanie. Harvey asks Cressida if she knew about the cave. She says she did not and gives him grief about Turner's arrest. Elsewhere, Turner, Cullen, Harper, and Duela are in a high-end boutique stealing some new clothes and things. Turner insists that once they clear their names, they will pay back the store for the things they've stolen. Duela encourages Turner to be less boring. They're nearly caught when someone trips the silent alarm but manage to make their escape. Carrie shows up, responding to the burglary in progress.

The news reports that Mayor Hill has created a task force led by Harvey to find the fugitives. Back at the hideout, Carrie gives them some grief for stealing clothes and supplies, but Turner defends it because they needed some things. Duela maintains that they are in serious trouble because of the Court of Owls involvement and Turner says they need something more tangible than the myth of the Court to clear their names. At the school, Stephanie insists to Brody that Turner is innocent and tells him that she hacked into the financial system. Brody is concerned she's going to get into trouble. Stephanie sneaks into the hideout and is confronted by Duela, though Turner stops her from hurting anyone.

Stephanie tells Turner that the GCPD took the Bat computer. At GCPD, there's concern that Detective Ford is missing and not answering his phone. A box in the precinct begins to ring when they try to call his phone and when the box is opened, they find Ford's severed head. Harvey says they need to check on his team and when they call them, more boxes start to ring. They've all been beheaded. Duela sees this as proof the Owls are involved. Turner thinks that Bruce may have been killed for getting too close to the truth about the Owls so Carrie suggests that they get Bruce's journals where he kept records of all his cases. They have to break into Wayne Tower.

Duela, Harper, and Cullen aren't exactly sure about breaking into Wayne Tower, but Turner comes up with a plan to use a Wayne security car to get into the parking to access a private elevator. Carrie agrees to go with Turner and Harper and Cullen reluctantly sign on as well. Duela also joins up. Back at GCPD, Mayor Hill confronts Harvey about the lack of movement in capturing the fugitives. However, they do have a lead about the bank hack, and it leads them to Stephanie, who is picked up by the police at school.

Turner and Carrie make their way to Bruce's office. While they do, Duela reveals her own plan to Harper and Cullen. She wants to sell the stolen watch and use the money to escape Gotham using the Wayne Security vehicle since it's not likely to be searched. Harper is down to go, but Cullen doesn't want to. Upstairs, Carrie and Turner find the journals and it seems he was revisiting his first case — the murder of his parents — and he suspected the Court of Owls. Bruce also thought that the Owls have been hunting Waynes for centuries but had no proof.

Harvey questions Stephanie and tells her that he believes Turner is innocent and wants to help him. Stephanie doesn't buy it. She doesn't play ball but doesn't have to. Brody turns himself in instead, taking the fall for her. At Wayne, suddenly the security comes back online, and a Talon shows up to confront Carrie and Turner. The police are on their way. Duela says that they need to go help, but Duela uses that to steal the car saying that people always abandon her and never come save her so why should she save them. She drives off, Harper and Cullen take the elevator up and help Carrie and Turner. They escape out the window using some of Batman's tech that Carrie has.

Duela drives to the antiquities dealer who was going to buy the watch but turns out that someone is very interested in the watch and the person selling it. He pulls a gun on her. Turner and the others realize Duela is in trouble and they're right. The Talon shows up and kills the dealer and is going for her next. She's about to die inside the disabled car, which is now on fire, when the others show up and fight the Talon and rescue her. They all narrowly escape with their lives.

Cullen and Harper tell Duela Turner is the reason that they all came to save her.  Turner tells Duela maybe she should consider she was worth it. Turner also thinks that Bruce may have been preparing him for something by having him learn martial arts and fencing. Meanwhile, the police try to connect the sword taken from Bruce's office by the fugitives to the death of the antiquities dealer.

It's also revealed that Mayor Hill is involved with the Court — as is Cressida, who seems to be deeply involved in the situation and part of the effort to get rid of Turner Hayes. Meanwhile, back at the hideout, Turner apologizes to Stephanie for getting her involved. She questions how the Talon knew they were at Bruce's office. Turner discovers the final entry in his dad's journal was ripped out. It's revealed that Carrie has those pages — and they reveal that Bruce was worried about Turner finding out some mysterious truth.

Gotham Knights airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on The CW.