Scarecrow Reportedly Returning to 'Gotham' Later This Season

It looks like Jerome Valeska isn't the only villain returning to Gotham to wreak havoc this season.

During the first two episodes of Gotham Season 4, Jonathan Crane (Charlie Tahan) appeared to be taking on a prominent role as the villain of the series, perfecting his father's fear toxin and taking over the mantle of Scarecrow. However, the character made an abrupt exit at the end of the second episode, leaving fans wondering what was going on.

Fortunately, the character is coming back this season and we now know exactly when. According to a new character breakdown from That Hashtag Show, Jonathan Crane will be making his way back to Gotham during the 17th episode of the season.

Here's what the full breakdown had to say:

[JONATHAN CRANE] Male, Early to Mid 20s. Caucasian. After being dosed with a fear toxin developed by his late father, Jonathan Crane was paralyzed by fear, until he learned to turn that fear on others. Dressing up as a scarecrow, he now uses home-made fear toxin to terrorize Gotham. Erratic, terrifying, and psychopathic, he no longer identifies as "Jonathan Crane," preferring to go by his true name — "Scarecrow"…. RECURRING GUEST STAR, ALSO APPEARS IN EPISODE 417 & EPISODE 418

While this is certainly exciting for any fans who really loved Gotham's take on Scarecrow this seems like the description is explaining the character for casting purposes, hinting that a new actor could don the mask.

Either way, it's safe to say that Scarecrow's return is one that we've been waiting for and, with the comeback stories of Jerome and Poison Ivy waiting in the wings, this season of Gotham is only going to get more dangerous with each passing episode.