"No Man's Land" Confirmed for 'Gotham' Season Finale

Earlier this week, fans of Gotham began buzzing when rumor spread that 'No Man's Land' was the [...]

Earlier this week, fans of Gotham began buzzing when rumor spread that "No Man's Land" was the title of the Season 4 finale this spring. Of course, this title would allude to the 1999 Batman comic arc of the same name, where an earthquake struck Gotham and the entire city was left to fend for itself, causing an absurd amount of chaos.

We here at ComicBook.com reached out to the folks at FOX and they confirmed that "No Man's Land" was indeed the title of the finale, though they didn't share any specific information about the episode itself.

So this means one of two things could happen with this finale. Either this title could just be a clever nod to a popular comic arc, or Gotham could be heading into the most intense and destructive storyline in its history. Based on what we've been told about this season's conclusion, we're guessing it's the latter.

Earlier in the season, we spoke exclusively with co-executive producer Bryan Wynbrandt, who revealed that a major cliffhanger was in store for the Season 4 finale.

"While we're leaving a lot on the table, there's going to be plenty left for us to put on the table after this season," Wynbrandt teased. "I mean, we're driving to a really amazing place where, talk about a cliffhanger! It's going to be insane."

As Wynbrandt continued, he teased that the finale would have fans craving a fifth season. Kicking off a "No Man's Land" arc would certainly do just that.

"Right now, our focus is on the characters we have," said Wynbrandt. "I mean we have I think the biggest cast on television and every one of them deserves their own story. I mean everyone is so good. So right now we're just trying to figure out the best way to service our cast before we introduce anyone else and for us the exciting thing for us is bringing in Jerome, pushing the story forward and we're certainly going to leave this season in a place where people are going to want a Season 5."

For those who aren't familiar, Batman: No Man's Land was a crossover series that covered almost all of the Batman comic series throughout 1999. Several different writers, including Greg Rucka and Bob Gale, contributed to the project. The event saw Gotham torn apart after an earthquake. Things in the city got so bad that the government pulled all support from the area, basically leaving the city to fend for itself.

Introducing the "No Man's Land" story could take Gotham to an all-new level of insanity and, judging by the way things have gone this season, that writer's room knows just the right way to keep upping the crazy ante.

New episodes of Gotham air on Thursday nights at 8pm ET on FOX.