'Gotham's David Mazouz Reveals Where Bruce Begins Season 5

When Gotham fans last saw Bruce Wayne, he made the decision to stay back in the ruins of No Man's [...]

When Gotham fans last saw Bruce Wayne, he made the decision to stay back in the ruins of No Man's Land, standing beside Jim Gordon as the city's last line of defense. But where will we find him when the show's final season begins next year?

According to star David Mazouz, the villain-riddled city will be what finally propels Bruce to become the hero Gotham has always needed.

During San Diego Comic-Con last week, ComicBook.com got the chance to speak with Mazouz about what's to come in Gotham Season 5. The young actor gave us a peek into what's next for Bruce on his journey to becoming Batman, and what he'll be up to when the hiatus comes to an end.

"He's gonna be out there helping people," Mazouz said. "At the beginning, he's going to be very concerned with Selina, because we know what happened with her. So that's going to be a big struggle, how to help her if there's any way he can help her. Eventually, he's going to realize that the GCPD, Jim Gordon has been so desperately trying to hold this light to Gotham, literally and metaphorically. To show the villains that there are good people, to show the good people that there are people to protect them. But eventually, as we all know, that's not gonna be enough, and Bruce is going to see that. He's going to look at people like Penguin, and look at people who are the roots of corruption and the roots of abuses of power and realize that only somebody like Batman can take them down. He's going to become what he needs to become."

Bruce may grow to become Gotham's Dark Knight, but he won't be able to do it alone. Later in the interview, Mazouz revealed a couple of key allies will be joining him in the fight against evil.

"When Alfred and Bruce come back this year, Alfred, Bruce, and Lucius are going to be probably the strongest team on the show," he added. "They're working together, they all have the same goal. Lucius is going to be making gadgets, Alfred is going to be training Bruce, and it's really going to be those two people, along with Bruce himself, that are gonna propel Bruce into his transformation into the Caped Crusader. You know Alfred and Bruce, it's crazy thinking about it, have had so many ups and downs. Bruce literally killed him at one point, but now at this point they're a team. They really are together. There's not going to be so much of that struggle that we've seen. Alfred is really proud of bruce, and he's really proud of how determined Bruce has become and I think Bruce really appreciates having someone who cares about him so much and who has stayed around through so much. They're really lucky to have each other."

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Gotham is set to return to FOX at some point in early 2019.