David Mazouz Bids Farewell to 'Gotham' After Wrapping Season 5

Goodbyes are always difficult, especially when you're bidding farewell to something so essential [...]

Goodbyes are always difficult, especially when you're bidding farewell to something so essential to your growing up. Everyone in the Gotham cast has been open about their emotions as filming on the final season of the series has come to an end. However, it's different for young star David Mazouz, who place the show's central character, Bruce Wayne.

When Gotham first aired its series premiere in 2014, Mazouz was just 13 years old. Now, after wrapping production on the show's final season, the actor is just months away from turning 18. He's quite literally grown up on Gotham, with the cast and crew of this series by his side for the most pivotal stage of his life and career. Goodbyes are already hard enough, but it's got to be even more difficult for someone like Mazouz, who has spent the majority of his teenage years with the same people.

On Monday night, Mazouz finally said goodbye as he left Gotham for the final time. The actor posted a picture on his Instagram of a fogged up window as he drove away. He wrote the word "Gotham" with his finger in the window, along with the simple caption, "goodbye,"

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Goodbye #gotham

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This farewell has been in the works since the summer, when FOX announced that Gotham's fifth season would be its last. Knowing that the end was in sight, Mazouz spent the final season trying to live in the moment and enjoy all of the time he had left playing Bruce Wayne.

"Geez. What's it like going through this? It's hard," Mazouz told ComicBook.com in October. "I have this tendency to live in the moment, I've kind of found that about myself so I'm not really, like even though I try to, which I don't often, even when I try to, it's kind of hard to realize that this is really almost it and we're really coming to a close and this era, defining era of my life, has almost ended. You know, we just had our very last scene in Wayne Manor yesterday with Sean [Pertwee] which is just weird to think about because I had so many, I mean, I probably spent cumulative weeks in there.

"So it's hard, and very nostalgic, but again, I don't know. I'm saying that I feel like that's the answer I'm supposed to give but really I'm just kind of living in the moment, living day-by-day and I don't think it's really going to hit me until it's actually over. If that makes any sense."

Gotham's fifth and final season will premiere on FOX on Thursday, January 3, 2019 on FOX.