Did 'Gotham' Just Kill One of Its Biggest Characters (Again)?

The most recent episode of Gotham ended with a couple of pretty massive twists, perhaps none of [...]

The most recent episode of Gotham ended with a couple of pretty massive twists, perhaps none of them bigger than what appears to be the death of one of its most important characters. Logically, it's hard to believe this character would actually be, or stay, dead, but it certainly looked that way when the episode came to a close.

WARNING: This article contains major spoilers for the latest episode of Gotham! Continue reading at your own risk...

One of the main stories throughout the final season of Gotham has been Selina Kyle's desire to get revenge on Jeremiah Valeska for paralyzing her at the end of Season 4. She was healed by a magic seed given to her by Ivy, but the fix also ignited her rage, making her even more determined to kill Jeremiah. She finally got her change in Thursday night's episode, and oh boy did she take it.

Selina snuck up to Jeremiah dressed as Ecco, donning her cloak and mask. When she got close, she stuck a knife deep into his stomach. When he started talking trash to her, as villains like to do, she stabbed him again. And again. And again.

By the time Bruce finally pulled her away, Selina had stabbed Jeremiah several times, probably close to a dozen if we're being honest. She got her point across, to say the least.

As we know, it takes a lot do actually die on Gotham (unless you're Tabitha), so a few stab wounds don't seem like enough to keep the pretty-much-but-technically-not-Joker down. However, the camera returned to Jeremiah one more time before the end of the episode, and he was completely and utterly lifeless on the floor. With his eyes staring off into nothing, it genuinely looked like Jeremiah was dead.

When you think about it, there's just no way that Jeremiah can be dead, at least not permanently anyway. We've seen footage of him in the trailers that has yet to air on the actual show. We also know that there is an entire episode dedicated to ACE Chemicals, the place where the Joker originated. The character seems to be part of the fabric of the series.

There might be another explanation though. If you recall, Cameron Mongahan recently revealed that, at some point this season, he would be playing a third different character. Could Jeremiah possibly die in order to make way for an even more Joker-like character? it's not exactly the most likely scenario, but his is Gotham, so don't rule it out.

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