'Gotham's Cameron Monaghan Reveals Close-Up Look at His Gruesome New Joker

With only two weeks until Gotham's version of The Joker makes his TV debut, series star Cameron Monaghan has shared a creepy, close-up look at his heavily-made-up version of the Clown Prince of Crime. The Gotham series finale is closing in, and a 10-year time jump is set to come with it. The time jump will take the characters we've been watching for the last five years into the future, allowing them to complete their long-awaited origin stories. This includes Cameron Monaghan's Jeremiah, who is set to go through one final transformation in to become Gotham's Joker to the show's Batman. Earlier this month, Gotham celebrated April Fools' Day by revealing the first look at this twisted new take on Jeremiah.

The close-up, revealed on Monaghan's own Instagram account, gives a look at the bloodshot eyes and scarred skin of The Joker, with that same creepy head-tilt that made its way into the first poster revealing the character in his purple-suited glory. Monaghan's road to becoming The Joker has been a long one, and complicated, as he has played three distinctly different takes on the character, along with a whole lot fo evolution and insanity along the way. You can see his post below.

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While Gotham may not actually call this new character "the Joker" on record -- the availability of that name has been a subject of a lot of conversation -- it has been made very clear that this will be Batman's rival in the future Gotham City, and that he will have Joker traits that both Jerome and the first Jeremiah didn't possess. "We all know the character that some people think he is, some people say he's not -- that he's supposed to be a precursor to at the very least," showrunner John Stephens said recently. "So, when you look at the Joker, and you break down elements of his personality, and you cleave off certain character traits. Some of those character traits we gave to Jerome. Some of those character traits we gave to Jeremiah. But, there were still some leftover character traits that we said, we haven't used these elements yet. Specifically to me, horror or terror. I feel like there are elements of the Joker, some iterations of him, which he's not just a clown prince of crime, but he's actually a nightmare. And I feel like... some of those remain to be explored."

The Gotham finale comes to FOX on April 25.



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