Green Lanterns #2 Review - Growing Pains

Robson Rocha and Blond are on art duties for the book, and for the most part, their work [...]

Green Lanterns 2 Header
(Photo: DC Comics)

New recruits Jessica Cruz and Simon Baz continue to make their way through what is turning out to be the most difficult boot camp imaginable.

Typically the Corps would slowly bring them along, showing them how to best utilize their rings and how to harness their willpower at a moments notice. These are basic lessons, but even the most basic steps become complicated when you're trying to fight off an army of rage-crazed citizens at the same time.

The supermarket has never been deadlier, something Cruz learns the hard way. Cruz continues to be the linchpin in this series, as her journey from extreme introvert to battle hardened lantern warrior is the most interesting aspect of the book. Simon plays the impulsive foil part well, but so far the standout is Cruz.

Green Lanterns 2 Cruz
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The chemistry isn't quite there between the two lanterns just yet, but Humphries is making some strides in that regard, especially later in the issue when Baz takes the time to explain why they need to move on as opposed to just barking orders at someone who is only slightly less experienced than he is.

Also worth applauding is the fact that Atrocitus has a quantifiable motivating force behind his actions for once. In past issues involving the Red Lanterns, it has felt like they oppose the Green Lantern Corps and Earth for the simple reason of "we're angry and that's what we do!". Here Atrocitus has a clear and somewhat reasonable goal, the preservation of his Corps, something he'll do anything to protect. While you realize his actions are clearly wrong, you understand where he's coming from. It makes for a better villain when the reader can understand why they're choosing to go down a specific path.

Green Lanterns 2 Atrocitus
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Robson Rocha and Blond are on art duties for the book, and for the most part, their work compliments the story well. Robson and Blond were born to work on the Rage Corp, and this is one of the best recreations of Atrocitus I've seen in some time. Every human that succumbs to rage is drawn in a visceral way, both making you a bit uncomfortable in your own skin and sympathetic to their plight at the same time.

While it isn't the strongest of DC's Rebirth offerings, the book continues to be a great introduction to the Lantern Corps. I'm enjoying the buddy cop setup so far, but I hope Cruz isn't stuck in complete rookie mode for much longer. As for Baz, hopefully, his backstory and history get more screentime in the next issue.

Rating: 3 out of 5 Stars

Written By: Sam Humphries

Pencils By: Robson Rocha

Colors By: Blond

Inks By: Jay Leisten