Green Lanterns Reveals New Power

In the inaugural issue of DC Comic's Green Lanterns, new recruits Jessica Cruz and Simon Baz are leaping headfirst into the fire.

It turns out there's a new Lantern ring that is immensely powerful, and of course, everyone in the galaxy wants it for themselves. On top of that, the duo unearths a plan by Atrocitus and the Red Lanterns to keep their corp from going extinct, but will adversely affect a sizable amount of the civilian population. Atrocitus tends to be a "break a bunch of eggs" kind of leader.

That would be enough for a typical day in the life of a Green Lantern, especially ones new to the corp, but fate saw fit to stick Baz with a power we haven't seen before, which is referenced to as Emerald Sight.

Simon Baz Emerald Sight
(Photo: DC Comics)

Writer Sam Humphries sat down with DC All Access and described just what Emerald Sight is. He said: "Emerald Sight is a new power. We've never seen this before in the entire history of the Green Lanterns, um, but it appeared to Simon when his willpower spiked. This new power opened itself up to him and he saw a whole plethora of crazy a** visions, one of which was happening in that moment, so we know that there is some amount of truth to these visions, whether they're going to happen 5 minutes from now or 5 days from now or 5 years from now, we don't know, but there's some pretty terrifying stuff in there, and uh, we didn't put it there by accident."


Those terrifying scenes include glimpses of a new Guardian, Jessica in trouble, a death, a betrayal, and a dark figure with glowing red eyes. Not exactly the most comforting imagery, but hopefully we'll learn more about what Baz saw in issue #2 of Green Lanterns next month.