Happy Birthday! Amy Adams Turns 42 Years Old Today

Let’s all wish Amy Adams a very happy birthday. The actress turns 42 years old today!Born in [...]


Let's all wish Amy Adams a very happy birthday. The actress turns 42 years old today!

Born in August 1974, Amy was raised by her parents Kathryn and Richard Adams alongside her six siblings. The family grew up in various locations given her father's military career, but Amy eventually settled in Colorado at age 8. During her high school career, Amy developed an interest in dance and singing which led her to pursue ballet. However, her interest slowly waned as Amy became involved with musical theater and drama.

The actress began her career shortly after graduating high school when she began working for dinner shows. Moving to Los Angeles, Amy appeared in various TV shows before landing a role in the indie film Junebug. Her work on the film earned Amy her first Academy Award nomination and jump-started her career in Hollywood.

She would go on to star in films such as Enchanted, Doubt, and The Fighter. However, fans will most likely recognize Amy from her recent appearances in American Hustle and DC Entertainment's Superman films.

Amy was cast in Man of Steel to play Lois Lane, Clark Kent's lover. She then reprised the role in this year's Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and is set to play Lois Lane yet again in the upcoming Justice League title. Her appearance in the franchise has been praised by critics who've complimented Amy's versatile acting talent.

Fans can expect to see Amy appear in several upcoming projects such as Get It While You Can, Nocturnal Animals, and Sharp Objects. Most recently, a trailer for Arrival was released which features Amy as Dr. Louise Banks, an expert linguist who's taked with communicating with aliens who've come to Earth.

Happy birthday, Amy!