Hong Chau Cast In HBO's 'Watchmen'

The cast of HBO's upcoming Watchmen just got a bit larger.According to Deadline, Hong Chau has [...]

The cast of HBO's upcoming Watchmen just got a bit larger.

According to Deadline, Hong Chau has been cast for a key role in the upcoming series from Damon Lindelof. It's unclear exactly what character Chau, who has appeared on two other HBO series Big Little Lies and Treme, will play though it's said that she will play Lady T., a brand-new character for the series who, like Chau, is of Vietnamese descent.

Fans got their first-ever look at the new Watchmen series in a network teaser released by HBO during last weekend's 76th Golden Globes. In that teaser, viewers got a few seconds of Jeremy Irons' Ozymandias as well as a quick look at Rorschach.

Not much is known about Lindelof's Watchmen, which is a take on the iconic, fan-favorite graphic novel of the same name by Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons. However, Gibbons has given his blessing to the HBO series and confirms that the show will pursue something of an alternative reality.

"It does pursue the idea of an alternative reality," Gibbons said. "And that's essentially what Watchmen was [in its original comics form], and alternate-reality story. I think what's happening with the TV version is it presents yet another variation. And while I've only read the screenplay -- and I can't speak to the tone or the way things been shot -- I'd say the reality it inhabits is one that feels quite authentic. It's not here, it's not now, it's something slightly sideways."

It's also set to be topical and political in the same vein as the original material as well.

"This story will be set in the world its creators painstakingly built... It must ask new questions and explore the world through a fresh lens," Lindelof said. "Most importantly, it must be contemporary. The Old Testament was specific to the Eighties or Reagan and Thatcher and Gorbachev. Ours needs to resonate with the frequency of Trump and May and Putin and the horse that he rides around on, shirtless. And speaking of Horsemen, The End of the World is off the table...which means the heroes and villains -- as if the two are distinguishable -- are playing for different stakes entirely."

Watchmen will premiere on HBO sometime in 2019.