Henry Cavill Superman No More Tribute Will Put A Tear In Your Eye

We're all still trying to process exactly what's going on with Henry Cavill and the role of Superman, but if this is indeed goodbye few tributes will be as tearjerking as this one.

Thanks to artist BossLogic, who isn't sure if Cavill is indeed hanging out the cape either, we have this lovely but rather sad Superman No More art. It shows an alley with Cavill walking away from a trash can with his dog by his side. In the trash can, you can see his Superman suit with the cape draping over, and Cavill's head is hung low as he walks away.

"I started making a (Superman no more) tribute when I first heard the news thought I'd finish it. Seen the video, read the statement and still unsure what is going on with the future of #superman seems like they may be benching him for awhile. I wish Henry all the best regardless."

The tribute is also an homage that many Spider-Man fans will notice. It pays homage to a classic Spider-Man panel where Peter was giving up the mantle of Spider-Man, and the costume and mask can be seen in the trash can in an alleyway.

According to the original report that started all this talk, Warner Bros did not have another solo Superman project in the cards for at least a few years. The current negotiations revolved around a Shazam! cameo, but those talks ultimately fell through, and Warner Bros. decided to part ways with Cavill. Now it will need to reconfigure its universe a bit, as Cavill was a critical part of the early foundation.

That included Man of Steel, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, and Justice League, so it will be interesting to see how Warner Bros and DC work their universe going forward. Do they ignore those appearances, simply recast, or change up the universe or timeline itself? Maybe it's time for DC to push forward with a Flashpoint of its own to wipe the slate clean (except for Wonder Woman of course).


At the moment there are plenty of other announced projects in the DC film universe to think of too, but the future of those remains to be seen.

Next up for DC is Aquaman, which lands in theaters on Dec. 21st. Shazam! is slated to hit theaters on April 5, 2019, while Wonder Woman 2 hits theaters on Nov. 1, 2019.