How 'Justice League' Changes Superman

While Justice League has 5 other heroes to focus on, there's still plenty of time for Superman, [...]

While Justice League has 5 other heroes to focus on, there's still plenty of time for Superman, and the hero will be very different after this film.

Spoilers incoming for Justice League, so if you haven't read the issue yet you've been warned.

Good? Good. You can read more details of how Superman makes his way back to the land of the living here, but this is more of a focus on how the hero is fundamentally different after the events of Justice League.

One of the biggest changes is the burden he carries with him of being Earth's only protector. Through the events of Justice League, he realizes he isn't alone, and that allows this superhuman phenom to simply breathe for the first time in a long time.

This also seems to be an after effect of coming back from the dead. Clark has a second chance at life, and he's not about to squander it on self doubt and brooding.

This is apparent in his first battle alongside the League, as he joins the fray against Steppenwolf. Sure his mission is to take the villain down, but at multiple points, throughout the fight, it actually seems like he's having fun, and you can even catch a smile spread across his face throughout.

That's a huge difference when compared to the brooding Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Supes or even the self-exiled version seen in Man of Steel. Confidence and a sense of humor are welcome sights in big blue, and even when he could die he still has a sense of "it will all be okay" in his voice.

If you needed any more proof of this new outlook Supes, look no further than the after-credits scene that features the two racing. It's hard not to be just elated at how much fun the two seem to be having, and "fun" has not been something attributed to this version of Superman...well, ever.

The future also looks bright for Clark and Bruce. A man he at one point almost choked to death during the film can be seen walking by his side by film's end, as Bruce helps the Kents get their house back (he bought the bank). Clark seems fine with just letting the past be the past and building a new friendship with his one-time opponent, and Brue seems to feel the same.

Superman changed the world, and now the Justice League has profoundly changed him.

Justice League is in theaters now.