Exclusive First Look: Huntress Premium Format Figure by Sideshow

In conjunction with Sideshow's Sideshow Con, ComicBook.com has an exclusive first look at a new [...]

In conjunction with Sideshow's Sideshow Con, ComicBook.com has an exclusive first look at a new Premium Format Figure based on DC Comics legend Huntress. Sideshow has been unveiling various figures throughout its virtual convention, drumming up reactions from geeks of all kinds. This latest reveal is one which is certain to get Helena Bertinelli's fans fire up, offering what looks to be one of the highest quality collectible versions of the character. Below, you'll find a description of the new Premium Format Figure and the first look at this Huntress!

The Huntress Premium Format Figure features Helena Bertinelli confidently strolling down to the seedy docks of Gotham on a rotting wood board environment base with discarded weapons littering the scene. With her bo staff draped casually over her shoulders, this master martial artist sets her sights on taking out anyone who stands in her path. A price and exact measurements have not yet been revealed but Sideshow has an official landing page for the product which will have more information soon.

The exclusive first look is right here. Check out this super-crafted Premium Format Figure of Huntress below!

(Photo: Sideshow / ComicBook.com)

The Huntress Premium Format Figure is a mixed media collectible with a tailored fabric cape with wire in the hem for posing. Inspired by her appearance in DC Comics, her sculpted costume consists of a bodysuit, belt, gloves, and thigh-high boots in her signature purple and white color scheme with gold accents. Huntress' winged mask frames her face, and her portrait sports a relaxed raven-colored hairstyle. Its comic accuracy and sculpt in these photos is already something to admired.

See another photo of the figure below!

(Photo: Sideshow / ComicBook.com)

The Huntress collectible does not yet have a release date. For more info about this new Huntress Premium Format Figure, check out its landing page. Then, head over to the Sideshow Con for more reveals and tours of their virtual booths for their big summer convention! Sideshow Con is happening now through Sunday!