Supergirl: Will Dean Cain Be The New Cyborg Superman?

This article contains spoilers in regards to tonight’s episode of Supergirl.On tonight’s [...]


This article contains spoilers in regards to tonight's episode of Supergirl.

On tonight's episode of Supergirl, we saw Kara and the rest of the crew at the DEO stop a Cadmus convoy, where it was revealed that Jeremiah Danvers (Dean Cain) was being held prisoner. A fair amount of tonight's episode was dealing with the conflict surrounding Mon-El's lack of trust in Jeremiah, especially after the Kryptonian caught Jeremiah hacking into the DEO's mainframe.

Towards the end of the episode, it's revealed that Jeremiah had in fact been a part of Cadmus and was on a mission to infiltrate the DEO and steal the National Alien Registry, so he has access to all of the registered aliens.

The most surprising part of the episode, however, was when it was revealed that Jeremiah was no normal human — rather, he seemingly had the powers that closely resembled those of Cyborg Superman.

Over the course of the past few episodes, we've been under the assumption that Hank Henshaw was in fact Cyborg Superman, but should they change it up and reveal the real Cyborg Superman, it wouldn't be the first time a reveal such as that has happened in the Arrowverse.

Remember last season on The Flash? We were introduced to Jay Garrick, as portrayed by actor Teddy Sears, very early on in the season only to reveal the Sears was actually Zoom from Earth-2. The real Jay Garrick, however, was revealed late in the season to be the character portrayed by John Wesley Shipp.

In the episodes we've seen Henshaw as Cyborg Superman, we have yet to see the character act or say anything Superman-like. Now that Cain is back on the show as Jeremiah Danvers, however, that'd allow for ample time for the show to build the character up for a big reveal late in the season.

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