Is Ezra Miller Teasing A Flash Connection To Grant Gustin?

Could there be a 'Flash of Two Worlds' kind of scenario going on between DC's movies and TV [...]


Could there be a "Flash of Two Worlds" kind of scenario going on between DC's movies and TV series?

It seems pretty unlikely, but The Flash star Ezra Miller, doing some of his first DC Universe press after having appeared in Suicide Squad, has joked (?) about "locking eyes" with Grant Gustin's version of The Flash, currently appearing on The CW.

During an interview with MTV, Miller was asked about whether or not he had met Gustin. He admitted that he hadn't.

"He's a boss," Miller said. "I can't wait to see him, eye to eye, adrift in the Speed Force — our eyes will lock and, in that moment, we will both know the truth. What truth? I dare not say."

It sounds to us like he's just joking around -- having some fun with the Flash legacy of running into past or alternate speedsters in the Speed Force, and maybe making a little bit of a homoerotic joke at the end there. That said, one never knows. With Geoff Johns taking a more active role at DC Films, a lot of fans are hoping that the wall between TV and movies will be a little lower and less impossible to scale.

The Flash stars filming early next year in London for a 2018 release. Miller can next be seen in Justice League, due in theaters on November 17, 2017.

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