Jack Black, The Rock, Kevin Hart Send Battle Jam Rebuttal To Chris Hemsworth

The Battle of the Jams feud between Chris Hemsworth and Jack Black is heating up, with Dwayne 'The [...]

The Battle of the Jams feud between Chris Hemsworth and Jack Black is heating up, with Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson and Kevin Hart officially joining the fight.

It all started when Thor: Ragnarok used Led Zeppelin's "Immigrant Song" for an adrenaline pumping trailer. Black felt as though Hemsworth had stole his "sauce" from School of Rock, which planted its flag in the song. Black quickly took to Instagram to ask Thor star Hemsworth if he was trying to have a "Battle of the Jams."

Shortly afterwards, Hemsworth responded to Black's video. "You're right, you got me," confessed Hemsworth. "Guilty as charged." Not quite the musician Black is known to be, Hemsworth questioned the meaning of Black's challenge, and jabbed Black's Tenacious D song which admitted to not being the greatest song in the world.

Now, though, the Battle of the Jams is officially on. During an exclusive interview with Comicbook.com discussing Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle, Black recruited his co-stars Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart for an official Battle of the Jams.

"Do you need help?" Johnson asked. "Kevin's a DC guy. I'm Black Adam... Is there a problem?"

"Yeah!" Black proclaims. "So, Hemsworth, you say you don't know what a Battle of the Jams is. Let me help you out with that. It's when you battle. And you jam!"

"Bring 'em on," Johnson said. "He's gonna recruit Iron Man."

From there, Hart, Johnson, and Black perform their own song for Battle of the Jams, showing shades of Michael Jackson and some heavy metal. "So, basically, you get your super heroes together and you just form a band and then you write a song," Black said. "See if you can beat that! And good luck because that was a jam!"

"Yeah, Hemsworth!" Johnson concluded.

Did Jack Black, Kevin Hart, DC's Black Adam Dwayne Johnson just launch the beginning of a Marvel vs. DC: Battle of the Jams?

Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle hits theaters December 20, 2017.