Jennifer Aniston Admits She Waited Too Long to Play Wonder Woman

Jennifer Aniston took home a SAG Award for Female Actor in a Drama Series for her work on The Morning Show. But, DC fans probably did a double-take when she told the press afterward that she always wanted to play Wonder Woman. This revelation likely sent fans of the character into hyperdrive as they imagined what it would have been like to have the star rocking the tiara. But, she quietly admitted that she waited too long to jump in the ring for that. As a consolation prize, she's still one of the most loved actresses on Earth, so that's pretty cool. You can check out her full answer to the question of what else she would like to do in her career below.

"I wanted to be Wonder Woman, but I waited too long," Aniston began. "I don't know, I have a lot to do. I honestly feel like I'm kicking into a creative stride that I discovered a new love of this in a new way that I didn't know that I had before. So, I almost have new eyes that I'm seeing what I do as an actor through. So, I now want to approach…I want to do more comedies though, God. I'm ready to have some laughter, that was some heavy stuff."

Gal Gadot was drawn to the role by that iconic legacy as well and told about it before Wonder Woman hit theaters. It seems like the fact that she'd be playing a feminist icon was just too good to pass up.

"[Wonder Woman] doesn't see the difference any gender difference, it's not even an issue," the actress explained. "She comes from this point where men and woman are equal and it's not a thing to be a man or to be a woman."

Gadot then told the story of how she saw how needed Wonder Woman was after putting her daughter to bed one night.


"I put her to bed. I was reading her a story and it was princesses and Ariel the mermaid ... And then she was talking about the prince. She called him the prince, and she said, 'Yeah, the prince, they're usually very strong.'"

"I feel very proud that finally this movie's being made, because ... All of you guys, all men, all boys, always have a figure to look up to whether it's Superman, or Batman, or Spider-Man, or whatever it is they always had heroes to look up to," Gadot added."Girls, it's always the princesses. We're being saved, we're being passive, and finally Wonder Woman. She's fierce, she's proactive, she believes in herself, she believes through everything and that's a true moment for me."