Joker Movie Gets A Weird Trailer

Joker was a unique movie in itself. The R-Rated DC Comics film based on Batman's best-known villain was darker than most other comic book movies before. The film took a deep look at mental instability and was carried by an incredible performance by Joaquin Phoenix. More grounded than many films based on comic book characters, Joker was set in a world many believed could be real. Now, however, Joker has received a "Weird Trailer" treatment which is flipping everything on its head and incorporating other portrayals of the iconic character. The Weird Trailer for the Joker movie can be seen in the video above.

In fact, the Weird Trailer for Joker might just end up being the weirdest thing you've seen in a while. Impressive video editing skill is put to a bizarre use as characters like Harvey Quinn, Bart Simpson, and Tobey Maguire's Peter Parker make appearances in Arthur Fleck's world. Even Leonitas from 300 gets a quote in the trailer as his infamous Sparta Kick from the Zack Snyder-directed Roman war flick gets a reference as Joker dances down the stairs. Tip: start the video at about 1:33 in. The editor started it with a message about his sponsor, spanning nearly the whole first quarter of the video.

Of course, what would a Weird Trailer for Joker be without an appearance from other portrayals of the character and a Batmobile. The video is even so timely that it managed to sneak in the now-meme famous Tesla truck which Elon Musk unveiled just last week.

The real Joker movie is in the midst of a Oscar push as its box office exceeded all predictions when it became the first R-rated movie to earn more than $1 billion at the box office. “It’s not a movie for everybody, and that was one of the things I said to [Warner Bros.] in the beginning. Comic book films are generally PG-13, kind of aiming at four quadrant, so to speak, but we were very specific in that this is not necessarily a movie for everybody,” director Todd Phillips said recently. “If it ends up attracting everybody, great, if it crosses over, and people discover it the way they seem to have with Joker now, but we made it in mind, very specifically, narrow focus, if that makes sense.”


He added, “Sometimes when you aim for everybody, you end up making a movie for nobody. And I always thought that with the R-rated comedies I made, because I’ve had studio executives tell me, ‘Maybe you make it PG-13, and soften this, and soften that.’ Sometimes then it sort of becomes for no one. So my thing has always been a very narrow focus, and if you kind of thread the needle, others will come.”

Joker is in theaters right now.

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