Joss Whedon Is Still Working On 'Batgirl'

Justice League is just now hitting theaters, but most of the attention today has been on Batgirl [...]

Justice League is just now hitting theaters, but most of the attention today has been on Batgirl and Joss Whedon.

Earlier today a rumor kicked into overdrive that Joss Whedon was not going to direct the upcoming Batgirl project. According to that previous report, sources said that Whedon was actually removed from Batgirl months ago, due to recent negative press. Now it seems other sources have said that report is not accurate, and are saying he is currently writing the script.

Whedon was brought on originally for the Batgirl project, but at the request of Zack Snyder, he was brought into Justice League after Snyder had to leave due to personal reasons. He finished the film and handled the reshoots, but some have been critical of the pieced together nature of the film that hit the screen.

Whedon himself might have an issue with the situation as well, as he recently favorited a tweet criticizing the villain of Justice League Steppenwolf. Even with reshoots, you can only change so much, and Steppenwolf was a key part of the film from the beginning.

Some have used Justice League as a reason to criticize Whedon's filmmaking, even calling for a complete director's cut of Snyder's original footage and vision. Whether that happens or not is anyone's guess, but in the meantime, Whedon is apparently ready to move ahead to Batgirl now that Justice League is finally out in theaters.

As for Batgirl, no casting or plot elements have been announced, and as Whedon revealed to EW, he didn't even go to Warner Bros. or DC to pitch a Batgirl film.

"We weren't even talking about Batgirl -- it came up as part of another conversation and then we all got so excited that the movie suddenly appeared," Whedon said. "So that's a really good sign to me. It wasn't a slot they were trying to fill. We all just started talking about her and then I couldn't stop. So, that's a good feeling."

Batgirl currently has no release date, but Justice League is in theaters now.