'Justice League': Jason Momoa Reveals If Aquaman Can Really Talk To Fish

The new Justice League movie features the first major appearances of many fan-favorite DC Comics [...]

The new Justice League movie features the first major appearances of many fan-favorite DC Comics characters, including Aquaman.

But Arthur Curry has to earn the respect from the team leader in Bruce Wayne, who makes jokes about his power set that many others have made throughout years of comics:

"I hear you talk to fish," said the Batman, contributing to the mockery the character is often subjected to. Though Aquaman saves the team from a tight spot with his mastery over the oceans, he does not ever, talk to fish.

"I think he can hear them and they can hear him," Jason Momoa said to Gamespot. "On a larger level, when he was a kid, he knew he had something special, because he could hear them, and they could hear him."

The Aquaman actor teased that the development might be honed in a future movie, but that he currently cannot communicate with sea life.

A significant portion of Aquaman's backstory was cut from the final film, with Willem Dafoe's Atlantean character Vulko cut out entirely.

Momoa teased the character's backstory, revealing some details that weren't included in Justice League but could play into his solo film due in December 2018.

"[Zack Snyder and I] were kind of trying to establish that he was taken down there as a boy, and he was an outcast, he was a half-breed, and he was built up as a young boy, because he was fed all these ideas by Vulko--that he was the rightful king," Momoa said. "And he gets down there, and he's a half breed, he's impure, and I'm just made to feel like I'm this disease. So after that, I was like, 'f*** you, f*** you, I'm on my own."

Aquaman becomes the king of Atlantis in the comic books, though he often fights with his brother Orm AKA Ocean Master over the throne.

Orm will be played by Patrick Wilson in the Aquaman movie, and will be the reigning king of Atlantis. But we suspect that might change by the time the film is over.

Aquaman can be seen in Justice League, now in theaters.