Danny Elfman Confirms Which Batman Theme Will Be Used For 'Justice League'

Here we go - Danny Elfman confirming he will NOT be using Zimmer/Junkie's Batman material/theme in [...]

While the Justice League movie will be claiming some uncharted territory for DC Comics, it will also be paying homage to the cinematic classics that help make the characters into icons.

With Danny Elfman's involvement, fans can expect an iconic score. And while he already riled up fans by revealing he'd be using portions of John Williams' compositions from the classic Superman film, his recent comments indicate that Elfman's own Batman theme will be used in the new film as well.

During an interview with Reporte Indigo, Elfman was asked if fans would hear a new theme for Batman in the movie.

"No, you will not hear a new theme for Batman. You will hear Batman's theme for Batman," Elfman said.

Asked if Hans Zimmer's Batman-themed composition from Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice would be used, Elfman chuckled.

"No, you'll hear Batman's theme. Batman has only had one theme," Elfman said, referring to his composition from the original Batman movie from 1989.

While he might not be using his predecessor's music, Elfman spoke highly about Zimmer's contributions to Christopher Nolan's Dark Knight trilogy.

"Now, Hans has done some wonderful, very driving, rhythmic stuff, but there's only ever been one theme, and it's Batman's theme."

Elfman's tune was originally paired with Tim Burton's classic film starring Michael Keaton, and was used again for the sequel Batman Returns.

A different variation was used as the theme song for Batman: The Animated Series. Between those projects, Elfman's work has become a staple for the character. But do his words disrespect Zimmer's contributions to the character?

Working with Christopher Nolan for three different films, Zimmer's contributions to The Dark Knight trilogy are hard to discount. He has provided the sounds for the Batman franchise for a whole new generation.

But maybe Elfman was being more pedantic or technical with his phrasing, indicating that Zimmer's score didn't contain a "theme song," per se.

Either way, it's easy to see how Elfman's words might be considered disrespectful to Zimmer's contributions. But at least we know we'll be hearing that iconic theme when the character appears on screen.

Justice League premieres November 17.