'Justice League': First Look at Never-Before-Seen Scene

A trailer for the Blu-Ray release of Justice League is now online, and you can watch it above!This [...]

A trailer for the Blu-Ray release of Justice League is now online, and you can watch it above!

This trailer for Justice League's home release teases the usual bonus extras that come with a Blu-ray - including a major deleted scene that was highlighted as a major selling point on the Blu-ray cover.

Now we have our first tease of what that scene is, and it's actually something that became a pretty big discussion point with the film's theatrical release: how Henry Cavill's Superman got himself that new suit!

If you watch the trailer for the Justice League Blu-ray, it ends with a quick shot of Cavill's Superman emerging from the Fortress of Solitude in much the same way that he did for his "First Flight" sequence in Man of Steel. This time, Superman is in his brighter Justice League costume, presumably ready to join his superhero teammates in Eastern Europe, to battle Steppenwolf.

This little bonus Superman moment won't be enough to erase the skepticism around this particular home release, though. Right now, there are a lot of fans wondering what the benefit of paying for the Joss Whedon "Frakenstein" cut of Justice League even is. More fan effort has been put into launching a massive campaign for Zack Snyder's original cut of the film to be released. That grassroots campaign has gone so far as to launch an entire fully-interactive website dedicated to the matter.

That's all to say: in this case, fans may not want a single deleted scene - they want the entire deleted movie!

You can get Justice League on digital release starting February 13th. You can pre-order the Justice League Walmart exclusive right here. It's set to ship out on March 30th and should arrive by April 4th.