'Justice League' Gets New Digital HD Release Date On iTunes

Justice League will be available on Digital HD starting February 13th. The digital release date for the film has now been officially confirmed by iTunes.

That date is two weeks later to than the original reported release date of January 30th, which was likely an error on iTunes' part. The official release date is also somewhat unfortunate, as Justice League's debut on the home video circuit will be set against the highly-anticipated release of Marvel's Black Panther!

Justice League's theatrical run ended with a $654 million haul worldwide - less than any other movie in the DC Extended Universe franchise. Even Jumanji 2 has made more than Justice League after less than a month in theaters - which should be all the frame of reference you need for why many fans see Justice League as proof positive that the DCEU will never equal the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Meanwhile, while WB is putting out this Justice League home video release, a lot of the die-hard fans are busy launching a whole website calling for Zack Snyder's Justice League cut to be released. In that context, it's hard to envision who will be all that thrilled with the digital release of the theatrical version, but as always, home video sales will tell the tale.

You get Justice League on digital release starting February 13th.