'Justice League' Director's Secret Cameo Revealed

Justice League featured plenty of Easter Eggs, but it also managed to sneak in a cameo from Zack [...]

Justice League featured plenty of Easter Eggs, but it also managed to sneak in a cameo from Zack Snyder.

Fabian Wagner was responsible for cinematography on Justice League and unfortunately didn't have the chance to cameo in the film. He did reveal a surprising cameo that not many noticed, a cameo from director Zack Snyder.

"Should have done that but I'm too small for that," Wagner told ComicFilms M.D. "Ben is really big and very strong and he's a lot taller than me so it wouldn't have worked (laughs). I wouldn't have fit into the bat suit but that would have been really cool. Zack had a cameo in one of the shots, he's sitting in a cafe. to fill it out."

Snyder has a habit of showing up in unlikely places in his films. In Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice he actually showed up twice. The first scene had Snyder holding a spotlight in a Superman shot, while the second featured his hand picking up a cell phone. The character doing so is supposed to be Bruce Wayne actor Ben Affleck, but it is actually Snyder's hand.

As for Wagner, if he did have a cameo in Justice League it would be centered around Batman. "Oh my god (laughs). I've no idea, I've never thought about it. (thinks). But I should have gotten into the bat suit like on a wide shot when he's just in the background," Wagner said.

Wagner's favorite scene also ended up including the Dark Knight, specifically the Bat Signal sequence.

"We had a lot of sets," Wagner said. "My favourite set was probably the top of the roof when Gordon switches on the Bat light for the first time. That was a great set and a cool scene with Batman being up on the gargoyles. That was one of my favourite shots to do just because I love Batman. That was like a real true Batman moment. I just felt like a little kid on that set with the Bat light. Iceland was a great location, that's where we finished the shoot. We were just in a really remote part of the island with a beautiful landscape. That was a really fun week to shoot out there. I just enjoyed every day really, I came to set every day thinking this crazy, I can't believe I'm doing this. Every day was fun."

You can see those shots and more in Justice League, which is in theaters now.