'Justice League' "Unite" TV Spot Released

Alongside the brand new trailer for Justice League that debuted online, fans caught a glimpse of a [...]

Alongside the brand new trailer for Justice League that debuted online, fans caught a glimpse of a brand new TV spot during Sunday's slate of NFL games.

The new commercial, called "Unite," could have been seen during Fox's presentation of late afternoon games, such as the Green Bay Packers versus the Dallas Cowboys. But you can check out the clip above!

It contains a lot of the same footage but there are some differences in shots, and there is also a different scene with Alfred in which he asks Bruce Wayne "Are you sure your team is strong enough?"

It better be, because the newest preview makes it very clear that the whole planet is threatened by the invading forces of Apokolips.

The new trailer is loaded with tons of new information regarding the plot and also gives us our first glimpse of Henry Cavill in the movie. That scene is also included in the new TV spot, indicating that Warner Bros. does want us to remember that Superman will play a part in the film without spoiling the circumstances surrounding his return.

But even with Superman absent for a portion of the film, the Justice League will be formidable in their own right. Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice established the Dark Knight as a resourceful tactician who can hold his own against the world's most powerful being, and Wonder Woman proved that the Princess of Themyscira is basically a one-woman army.

The latest trailers have shown how powerful Aquaman, the Flash, and Cyborg will be as well. Arthur Curry is seen kicking all sorts of Parademon asses in the footage, zipping through the sky despite being unable to fly. Barry Allen's superspeed makes him a resourceful ally, able to dodge and weave through obstacles and perceive time at a faster pace. And Cyborg is a Swiss Army Knife, interfacing with all kinds of technology.

Steppenwolf might have an advantage with sheer power and overwhelming numbers in the form of his Parademon army, but they're about to go up against the Justice League. That doesn't exactly bode well for them.

Justice League premieres in theaters November 17.