New Fan Video Recaps the Road to 'Justice League'

The latest entry in DC Films' ongoing saga serves as a culmination to a storyline that began in [...]

The latest entry in DC Films' ongoing saga serves as a culmination to a storyline that began in Man of Steel, bringing together six superheroes as they defend the earth from the armies of Apokalips.

After four films, there have been a lot of different events that have brought Batman, Wonder Woman, and (obvious spoiler alert) Superman to this point, and a new fan video recaps the previous films to bring fans up to speed. Check it out above.

The "Road to Justice League" recap video from YouTube user avindustries13 is very well done, and almost seems like it was commissioned by Warner Bros. themselves.

It begins with by weaving together clips from the childhoods of Diana of Themyscira, Bruce Wayne, and Clark Kent together, before starting with the events that took place earliest in the timeline.

A quick recap of Wonder Woman shows Diana's journey to man's world, showing her compassion for life, before ending with her final confrontation with Ares.

It then segues to show Clark's growing pains in Man of Steel, dealing with power, then the acceptance of his powers and his responsibility to the world. After learning of his Kryptonian heritage, he begins to save the world as Superman.

But Zod and others from Clark's homeworld arrive and start spreading chaos and terror across the planet, driving an already hardened Bruce Wayne into full paranoia. But Batman and Superman survive Lex Luthor's manipulation, and Clark's sacrifice to stop Doomsday inspires Bruce.

The Dark Knight understands a threat is coming, and he needs to gather some allies. So he turns to Amanda Waller for help. The events of Suicide Squad play, though they don't have a lot of bearing on the main conflict in Justice League.

The recap ends with Lex Luthor's monologue from the end of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, playing over footage of Justice League.

It's easy to forget the long road to this new film. This recap is enough to bring everyone up to speed, whether they've seen every movie already, missed one, or haven't seen any of them.

Justice League is in theaters November 17.