Justice League Set Description: Batman’s Crawler

One of the most exciting sets Warner Brothers showed off over the weekend on their London set of [...]


One of the most exciting sets Warner Brothers showed off over the weekend on their London set of Justice League was Batman's crawler. While the set was only the main cockpit of the vehicle surrounded by enormous green screen, concept art was able to give us a good idea of what the Crawler would look like. Looking inside didn't hurt, either.

The Crawler looks like a gigantic, mechanical spider with only four legs. It packs a flamethrower, which it will use on Parademons. It can climb walls and ceilings. It also heavily damages anything it climbs on by jamming its large steel legs into walls and buildings. A piece of concept art was labeled "tunnel fight," which places the crawler on the other set we saw, the Ventilation Tower on Stryker's Island.

The set allowed a look inside the Crawler. While the cockpit only had one seat in it, the vehicle will actually carry three heroes. Concept art showed Cyborg and Wonder Woman being on board for the ride which means Flash will likely be zipping around taking out Parademons at the same time the Crawler makes its way into their nest. Inside the Crawler are loads of buttons indicating a pair of guns on either side of the Crawler, multiple cannons, flamethrowers, various movements, and a big red crawl control button. It's unlikely anyone aside from Batman will take the driver's seat of the Crawler and concept art shows it being all but destroyed in an apparent flood with the four heroes standing on top of it.

The Crawler wasn't the only heavily armed vehicle on display over the weekend. The new and improved Batmobile, which looks very much the same, did receive some upgrades. New machine guns and cannons are visibly added to the vehicle while concept art shows the Batmobile having a large cannon looking like an oversized .50 caliber rifle on its top side. We'll have to wait and see if that ever makes its way to the film.

Justice League is set for release November 17, 2017.