Wikipedia Is Considering Deleting Justice League Snyder Cut Page From Their Site

A Wikipedia page dedicated to the Snyder Cut saga and all versions of the Justice League movie has [...]

A Wikipedia page dedicated to the Snyder Cut saga and all versions of the Justice League movie has been flagged for possible deletion. A debate about the page's existence is raging between some of the Wikipedia moderators and writers. The page chronicles all known versions of the film, director Zack Snyder's original plans, all details, modifications, and changes made to the movie, and the "Release the Snyder Cut" campaign. It even goes into detail about the "Black Suit" fan edit of Justice League.

Wikipedia moderator Gargus-SCP feels like this is all a bit unnecessary. He accuses the page's creator, Fezmar9, of editorial bias in creating the article. Gargus-SCP feels the subject was covered adequately by a paragraph on the main Justice League movie Wikipedia page. "The page goes into such excessive detail on every tiny aspect of Zack Snyder's Justice League and its process in reaching theaters that it seems unlikely to interest or meaningfully inform anyone except dedicated fans of the director's work who are heavily invested in seeing the 'Snyder Cut' released. In fact, it also seems unlikely this subject rises to the standards of notability for such a minutely detailed article, and largely exists so it can be shared in celebration that Wikipedia thinks the Snyder Cut notable enough to deserve such a lengthy article. Smacks of fan bias at every turn."

Fezmar9 feels differently. "Editor bias is a pretty bold claim. What bias do I have and what evidence do you have that I have one? I thought it was an interesting topic and decided to make an article about it. I felt I neutrally added information whether it was positive or negative. Both the 'The Snyder Cut' (2016–2017)" and '#ReleaseTheSnyderCut movement' sections include criticism paragraphs. If I was biased toward the subject, wouldn't I omit that information? And if you feel it contains any biases, wouldn't it be easier to just adjust the language you feel is biased than delete the whole article? I also feel the subject easily meets the WP:GNG. The article in its current state has 134 sources with TONS more out there, so the coverage is significant. The sources provided were also present on Justice League (film) which passed a GA nom so I assume they're considered reliable. None of the sources are first-party, so they're all independent of Warner, DC and Snyder. I see no validity to your nomination."

The conversation then devolves into accusations of bias back in forth, as Fezmar9 brings up Gargus-SCP's past disparaging comments about Snyder's oeuvre of DC movies. No action on the page has been taken so far.

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