New Justice League Teaser Trailer Shows Off Incredible New Effects

A teaser trailer just dropped for Justice League, and fans can't stop talking about the trailer's [...]

A teaser trailer just dropped for Justice League, and fans can't stop talking about the trailer's overhauled special effects.

While the footage at San Diego Comic Con (in 2016 and 2017 mind you) was well received for its bombastic action and lighter tone, fans did take issue with some of the special effects at the time. Cyborg's armor was the centerpiece to those complaints, but the dark surroundings the team battles in also received some criticisms.

The newest teaser trailer has put many of those fans at ease, showing what another few months of CGI work can do on a big production like this. That especially includes Cyborg, whose armor has received a gorgeous silver sheen and appears to have benefitted the most from the extra time. Flash's lightning effects and Aquaman's tidal waves have also received some upgrades, but one of the most noticeable differences is the crimson sky.

Yep, the sky. You don't think about it much when a hero dressed like a bat is swinging across the screen, but fans noticed a dip there when it came to previous trailers. The sky and cityscape under attack from Steppenwolf's forces have received another round of CGI tweaking, and the results are stunning. The sky's color has been pumped up, even more, giving the landscape the heroes are fighting in an even more oppressive tone and feel.

DC Universe films have never had an issue with impressive visuals, but Justice League might just be in a whole (can't say League...too punny)...stratosphere! Word of the day calendar comes in handy once again!

As for the new footage, there isn't much, unfortunately, though what is there is pretty slick. Towards the end of the teaser, there is a part where the Batmobile comes screeching out of a turn. Two Parademons can be seen trying to hold onto the back of it, but Batman shakes them off by tilting the vehicle on two tires, almost flipping over.

Plus, everyone can agree that watching Wonder Woman say "on my lead" is worth the entire teaser by itself, right?

You can view the new teaser trailer above, and the full New York Comic Con trailer will drop on Sunday at 9 am.