'Justice League' Now Tracking For Lower Opening Weekend Than 'Thor: Ragnarok'

Warner Bros. has had high hopes for their superhero movies competing against the juggernaut that [...]

Warner Bros. has had high hopes for their superhero movies competing against the juggernaut that is Marvel Studios, but it's looking like Justice League will fall short to their competitors once again.

Though the movie tracking to open to $110 million in the domestic markets, which is impressive in and of itself, that number is lower than the $122.7 million opening weekend for Thor: Ragnarok, according to Variety.

Marvel's latest Thor film opened on November 3, two weeks before Justice League's debut. It is the most successful film in the Thor franchise thus far and yet another feather in Marvel's cap.

Justice League, however, is serving as the culmination of the DC's shared cinematic universe thus far, and features the first time the company's most popular heroes appear on screen together. It is projected to make $355 million worldwide.

Though Warner Bros. has yet to reveal their production budget for the film, industry analysts peg it right around the $300 million mark, making the film a costly endeavor.

Tracking for Justice League first came out at the end of October and, despite the buzz, the numbers have not increased since those early estimates.

While the early buzz was positive, that might die down as Metacritic and Rotten Tomatoes scores start to release online. The Metacritic score sits at just 51/100.

Though Rotten Tomatoes is delaying the release of their score until 12:01 am on Thursday, social media site Flixist accidentally leaked the film's rating of 48%, which doesn't bode well for the film.

It seemed like the early buzz would lead to Justice League receiving positive reviews and lucrative box office success, but that's not looking like a guarantee anymore.

Keep in mind that these early tracking numbers can change, and despite not beating Thor: Ragnarok it's still primed to make a lot of money. The question now is how well it will do worldwide and whether or not Warner Bros. executives will be satisfied.

The studio already had a string of hits in the back half of the year with Wonder Woman and It outperforming expectations. We'll see if Justice League can do the same when the film premieres in theaters on November 17.