'Justice League': Video Reveals Clever Catwoman Easter Eggs

Eagle-eyed DC fans might have noticed a nod to Catwoman during Justice League, and this new video [...]

Eagle-eyed DC fans might have noticed a nod to Catwoman during Justice League, and this new video proves that your eyes did not deceive you.

Now that Justice League is heading to home video, footage of the film will be much easier to come by, thus revealing a multitude of easter eggs. That includes a few references to Catwoman towards the end of the film, where Wonder Woman is wrapping up a would-be robbery at the Museum. In the video, you can see a tall slender woman in a bright red dress being taken into custody, and the would-be thief is a dead ringer for Selina Kyle

She was involved in a scheme robbing a museum of art and priceless artifacts, cemented when Wonder Woman enters the scene holding a gold statue. She puts it back in a crate, and several thugs can be seen being held by Wonder Woman's lasso behind her, presumably Kyle's crew.

CLIP: Justice League Easter Egg

The fan favorite thief is referenced gain though when a group of kids approaches Wonder Woman. The group is led by a red-haired girl who is wearing black cat ears.

Sure, that could all be a coincidence, but DC movies have been full of these kinds of easter eggs in the past, so it is likely referring to Catwoman.

Now, this also doesn't mean that the person playing the part is the franchise's Catwoman or that any future movies will reference this in her official origin, but it's still a great nod to fans regardless of what it turns into. That said, it would be great to have a nod to these events if and when the character eventually makes her DC cinematic universe debut.

You can view the whole video above.

As for Catwoman's DCEU debut, not much is known about those plans just yet. She has been rumored for the upcoming Gotham City Sirens movie, which is being built around Harley Quinn (Margot Robbie) and is being directed by David Ayer, also of Suicide Squad fame. Hopefully, it isn't too much longer before the character hits the big screen once again.