'Justice League's Jason Momoa on Who Wins If Aquaman and Wonder Woman Fight in 'Flashpoint'

While the heroes are united for Justice League, the Flashpoint movie could see the heroes fighting [...]

While the heroes are united for Justice League, the Flashpoint movie could see the heroes fighting each other instead of teaming up and Jason Momoa has an idea of who would win in a battle between his Aquaman and Gal Gadot's Wonder Woman.

Momoa and Gadot sat down with Europa Press during a recent Justice League event in London and, according to Momoa if Aquaman and Wonder Woman were ever to fight it's clear to him who the winner would be.

"I think Wonder Woman is always going to win, but I don't ever want to fight her," Momoa said.

However, while Wonder Woman would win, Momoa thinks it would at least be a serious fight, revealing both that Aquaman likes to bite but that ultimately, there's no reason to fight Wonder Woman.

"Having said that, I do like to wrestle," he said. "You know, Aquaman's a bit of a biter so you never know so we'll see, but generally she's beautiful why the heck would I want to fight Wonder Woman?"

Steppenwolf and his parademons might disagree with Momoa's disbelief at people wanting to fight Wonder Woman considering that the heroes must band together to stop him from destroying the world in Justice League, but should Flashpoint make it to big screens it might be a different story. The Flashpoint story arc is a large-scale instance of Barry Allen breaking things, in this case the timeline, in an attempt to save his mother from being murdered. While Barry saves his mother, he creates an alternative timeline in the process, one where Wonder Woman is a major antagonist which means a fight between the Amazon and Aquaman might just be something fans would see.

Of course, the Flashpoint film still has hurdles to overcome. Variety's Justin Kroll recently speculated that the Flashpoint film -- and others in the DC Extended Universe roster -- may depend upon the success of Justice League, though Ezra Miller, who plays the Flash in the film, recently said that while getting to Flashpoint is a long process, it's still coming up soon.

At least fans won't have to wait very long to see Wonder Woman and Aquaman fight together against a common foe. Justice League hits theaters November 17th and advance reactions of the film have been largely positive.

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