Kevin Smith Reveals What DC Comics Movie He Wants Peter Jackson to Do

Peter Jackson might be considering a DC Comics movie for his next big project and Kevin Smith has [...]

Peter Jackson might be considering a DC Comics movie for his next big project and Kevin Smith has an opinion on what it should be.

Smith and his co-host Marc Bernardin talked about a variety of topics on the most recent episode of the Fat Man on Batman podcast and when the conversation Smith had a few thoughts on possible options on what the Lord of the Rings director should take on.

"Not to take anything away from Ava [Duvernay], but like yeah, that [New Gods] would have been right up his alley considering f****** Lord of the Rings," Smith said. "Honestly, give him like, I know people will be like 'too soon' but let that motherf***** at the Justice League, man, like suddenly you'd probably have the one you wanted to see, I would imagine. Maybe not."

Bernardin then suggested that Justice League Dark might be a better fit, but Smith thought that felt more like it should be done by Guillermo del Toro. That's when a fan made the suggestion that struck Smith as a perfect choice.

"Kingdom Come? F*** yes!" he said. "Why aren't you running a studio, man? Kingdom F****** Come at the hands of that guy? Oh, we'd all Kingdom Come."

For those who might not be familiar, Kingdom Come was a miniseries from Mark Waid and Alex Ross. Published in 1996, the mini-series featured a much older, retirement-aged Justice League dealing with the issues stemming from a generation of irresponsible and attention-seeking kids who had great power, but no responsibility. However, Superman's retirement is cut short when a cataclysm impacts the world, snapping him out of his funk and prompting him to bring his old friends together to bring the younger heroes to heel.

Since the series' release, fans have wondered what the story would look like on the big screen and it certainly seems like one that Jackson would be an excellent fit for. The director isn't a stranger to large scale stories as the Lord of the Rings series confirms, but Jackson is a gifted filmmaker in a smaller scale as well. Smith noted that one his favorite films, Heavenly Creatures, is one of Jackson's. That movie, a psychological drama inspired by the real-life murder of Honorah Parker by her teenage daughter and her daughter's friend, gathered wide critical acclaim for it's dark, captivating take on the story -- a style that could work well for Kingdom Come.

Right now, Jackson's involvement with DC Films is still rumored, but now that Kingdom Come has been suggested, we could definitely get behind that coming to the big screen. Smith is happy with the suggestion, too.

"That's good news, that makes me happy," he said. "I hope he picks that."

What DC project do you think Peter Jackson should take on? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.