Kevin Smith Review: "'Aquaman' Is Everything A Movie Is Supposed To Be"

Aquaman continues to experience smooth sailing at the box office, and Kevin Smith is definitely a fan in his review of the film.

Smith, who has had plenty of experience with the DC Universe thanks to work on the comics and CW's Flash and Supergirl, really liked what he saw after checking out Aquaman on the big screen. In a new video he breaks down exactly what he loved about it, and like many fans of the character, is still a bit stunned that a film about Aquaman is doing so well at the box office.

"Can you believe, this movie is at about $750 million right now," Smith said. "Aquaman's going to make a billion dollars. Go back in time and tell somebody that. That Aquaman's going to make a billion dollars. Makes sense now, because my God, it's visually sumptuous. Aquaman is everything a movie is supposed to be. When you put down your two bits or 10 bucks or 20 depending on where you go, you want to escape. Take me somewhere. Show me some s*** I've never seen before. That's what you want in a movie. I never mad movies like that, I was like I'm going to show you a convenience store, something you saw probably right before you went to the cinema."

Smith also credits Wan and the studio with taking ownership of the seas and everything in them, comparing it to what Marvel did with Guardians of the Galaxy and the realm of outer space.

"Talented filmmakers like James Wan take you diving into the ocean, showing you a world you've never seen before," Smith said. "Same way James Gunn, Marvel, owned outer space, took us to space with Guardians of the Galaxy and claimed outer space as their own, James Wan and DC, and Warner Bros. now claimed the seas for themselves with Aquaman.

That wasn't the last bit of praise for Wan.

"James Wan holy s***. F*** this kid's talented," Smith said. "I talked to him on the IMDB yacht, the IMDB boat, if you will, for Comic-Con last year just when they dropped the trailer. He credited Wan at the time for bringing so much of Aquaman's characters from the comics to life on the big screen exactly like they were in the books.

"I said 'dude, you make Orm look like Orm. Ocean Master looks like Ocean Master," Smith said. "Black Manta looks like Black Manta, and I saw, at that point, we hadn't seen the footage yet of Arthur in his full regalia, but there was a LEGO sculpture of Arthur wearing the orange shirt, and I was like 'word is he wears the orange shirt in this movie. Like what the f*** happened? How did you get away with this?' And he said 'there was no point in changing the designs.' He said 'those designs have lasted decades. Classic, wonderful designs, so we kept with what it looks like."


You can check out Smith's full review in the video above.

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