'Krypton' Introduces a Major DC Comics Character in "House of Zod"

Krypton's season-long story continued tonight, and it introduced a game-changing DC Comics [...]

Krypton's season-long story continued tonight, and it introduced a game-changing DC Comics connection in the process.

Major spoilers for tonight's episode of Krypton, "House of Zod", below!

The episode saw Seg (Cameron Cuffe) in a last-ditch attempt to return to Kandor, which ultimately led to Lyta Zod (Georgina Campbell) and company traveling to rescue him. Lyta found Seg in the Outlands, still in the grasp of the rogue Black Zero operative (played by Colin Salmon) who had kidnapped him in the episode before.

Lyta began to fight the man, before he recognized the House of Zod pendant that was around Lyta's neck. The man revealed that he had the same pendant around his neck, and that Lyta had given it to him - her son - in the future.

That's right. General Zod -- the General Zod -- has officially come to Krypton. (On Superman's 80th birthday, no less!)

There was quite a bit of speculation surrounding the identity of Salmon's character when he made his official debut last week, with options ranging from Lyta's father to a number of DC Comics characters. But the hints of him being General Dru-Zod have certainly been hiding in plain sight, from the line about his "complicated history" with the El family to the...familiar way that he was willing to snap the necks of his enemies.

So, where do things go from here? Well according to those involved with the show, the reveal of Zod, and exactly what he's doing on Krypton in the past, will turn the series on its axis.

"It's that midseason point where the whole first season gets turned on its head 180 degrees," showrunner Cameron Welsh told reporters during a set visit last year. "Adam comes to Krypton with a very specific message to Seg: Superman's birth, his very existence, is under threat and we have to stop Braniac. Brainiac is coming back in time to change history. But we all know that Brainiac was always coming to take Kandor City. And that's what Adam got wrong; Zod was coming back to change history. So that's the big turn in the season."

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Krypton airs Wednesdays at 10/9c on Syfy.