'Krypton' May Have Featured a Cameo By The New 52 Doomsday

A behind-the-scenes video posted to the official Warner Bros. Home Entertainment YouTube page [...]

A behind-the-scenes video posted to the official Warner Bros. Home Entertainment YouTube page appears to show off an early iteration of Krypton's Fortress of Solitude -- complete with DC Easter eggs that were either missed or never made it into the final version of the show.

One such Easter egg? The skull of Doomsday -- or as executive producer David Goyer puts it, "A version of Doomsday." That version, as evidenced by the massive, jagged, stone-like protrusions coming out of its chin and the ram's horn look, is the New 52 Doomsday, redesigned following 2011's DC Comics reboot.

"The reason why all of these things exist in the Fortress in the pilot is, we want to indicate to the super-fans, if you will, that we may be going to these places in the story later on in the series," Goyer said. "So if we have our way, you may see Doomsday in the show. It's possible that the Black Mercy may come to life. Mongul. The sky's the limit in terms of how deep we want to go into both the Superman universe, and the greater spacefaring universe of DC at large."

The video above provides a pretty clear look at the prop, as well as what appears to be Clark Kent's glasses, Adam Strange's jetpack, and an Egyptian scarab that likely ties into the mythology of Hawkman and Hawkwoman, since the latter was announced as a player in Krypton but never made it into the first season.

Also present: a Black Mercy flower in a tube -- which verifiably made its way into the final version of the Krypton pilot and was clearly visible frequently throughout the first season.

(Photo: Russ Burlingame)

The Doomsday skull is particularly interesting because it is possible that it may still have made its way onto TV. During a visit to the set of Krypton, ComicBook.com spotted the skull in question sitting just outside of the Cythonnite catacombs -- not far from the Doomsday vault -- and snapped a photo.

We had not previously shared the photo, since the prop had not been spotted onscreen during the show's first season, and we did not want to spoil ahead in case it turned up later. Now that it has been seen in official promotional material, though, take a closer, un-snowed-on look.

Krypton will return for a second season in 2019 on SYFY.